Blurry Hysteria: NASA Coffin Knockers | BONUS

Season 14
21m | Sep 11, 2023

Ever heard of a snake on Saturn or the eerie echo of a knock from beyond? Dive into the cosmos of conspiracy with us this week on Hysteria 51, where truth is often stranger than fiction!

In our first tale, prepare to be knocked off your feet - literally! We uncover the chilling story of a woman who, against all odds, managed to knock from the inside of her coffin during her own wake. Was it a last-minute attempt to join the land of the living, or just a haunting reminder of life's unpredictability? Grab your EMF detectors and join us as we tap into this macabre mystery.

Switching gears to the starry skies, ever thought of what lurks in the shadowy craters of Saturn's moons? NASA sure has! They're rolling (or should we say slithering?) out a snake-like robot, destined to wriggle its way through extraterrestrial terrains in a quest to uncover alien life. With technology this wild, it's hard to tell if NASA's pushing the frontiers of space exploration or auditioning for the next sci-fi blockbuster.

Tune in, turn up the volume, and tiptoe into tales that teeter between thrilling and thought-provoking. Remember, in the world of Hysteria 51, the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty. Hit that subscribe button so you don't miss a byte of the bizarre! And if you're enjoying our cosmic concoctions, don't forget to drop a review. Your extraterrestrial neighbors are listening!

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