Third Man’s a Crowd: Spooky Sidekicks in Extreme Situations | 351

Season 15 | Episode 351
39m | Oct 4, 2023

Join the Hysteria 51 crew this week as we dive deep into the enigmatic world of the Third Man Factor, a mysterious phenomenon where isolated individuals under duress perceive an invisible companion offering aid and comfort.

Kevin Crispin of Sad Times Podcast joins us once again to see if we can conjure an unseen entity while sifting through a cavalcade of awe-inspiring survival tales. From Sir Ernest Shackleton’s frosty friend in the frigid Antarctic to Ron DiFrancesco's spectral savior during the traumatic 9/11 attacks, we explore how these invisible, otherworldly sidekicks have provided solace in solitude, guiding desperate souls through crises.

Get ready for an ethereal adventure peppered with bizarre tales, scientific skepticism, and a dash of supernatural speculation. Whether it’s a guardian angel, alien sidekick, or a figment of stressed neurons, the 'Third Man' has been the unseen hero in countless survival stories. Gear up for a spectral journey that teases both your funny bone and your philosophical ponderings – because when it comes to the Third Man Factor, we’re all ears, even if we can’t see who’s talking!

Special thanks to this week’s sources:


South | Ernest Shackleton

The Third Man Factor | John Geiger


Third man factor -

Ernest Shackleton -

Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition -

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