Re-Birthdays & Cosmic Do-Overs: The Reincarnation Rodeo | 346

Season 14 | Episode 346
48m | Aug 30, 2023

It's Reincarnation time! We dive deep into the uncanny tales of Bruce Kelly and James Leininger — did they really live before, or did they just watch too much History Channel? Joe Peck's latest attempt to crash the party ends in... well, you'll see. And David Flora reveals his true phobia: kiddos. (We always knew there was something behind that nervous laughter!) Strap in and hold onto your past-life memories, this is one episode you won't want to reincarnate to miss!

Special thanks to this week’s sources:


Soul Survivor | Bruce Leininger (Author), Andrea Leininger (Author), Ken Gross


Unsolved Mysteries S6 Ep 1: Bruce Kelly the Reincarnated Submariner -


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