Shedding Light on the Street Light Interference Phenomenon | 347

Season 14 | Episode 347
44m | Sep 6, 2023

Join us in this electrifying episode of Hysteria 51 as we delve deep into the enigmatic world of the Street Light Interference Phenomenon (SLI). Ever passed beneath a streetlight, only to watch it flicker or go dark? You might just be a "SLIder." We're uncovering the science, skepticism, and stories surrounding this mysterious phenomenon. Featuring interviews with experts, firsthand accounts from self-proclaimed SLIders, and a dose of the unexpected, this episode is a beacon for all curious minds. Navigate the maze of urban legends and electromagnetic theories with us, and decide for yourself: reality or mere coincidence? Make sure to illuminate your podcast library with this episode and don't miss the enlightening discussion.

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SLI Effect: Street Lamp Interference - A Provisional Assessment | Hilary Evans


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