Who Drives Your Leadership Identity?

59m | Feb 6, 2024

Who Drives Your Leadership Identity?

How do expectations, relationships, and changes in identity related to how leaders are perceived and how they might develop their personal and personal brand? What if the brand we intend as leaders is damaged or needs to be intentionally transformed to meet the needs of customers? We talk with a lawyer who has a passion for intellectual property to get a unique perspective on this.

We hear about branding and intellectual property protection as methods to developing and protecting our work and reputation. But we don't often think about how they connect to a leadership identity or transform us and others.

Matthew Asbell is a Renaissance lawyer with a background in information technology, entertainment and medicine, a love for global culture, and a passion for his work in intellectual property. His personal and professional interests arise from a deep appreciation for creativity, whether in the form of invention, design, expression or marketing. He assists clients in clearing, obtaining, enforcing and defending trademark rights in the United States and throughout the world, and advises on utility and design patents, copyrights, domain names and related areas. His work in the fields of trademark and rights of publicity gives him a different perspective on the concepts of identity, reputation, and branding.

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