Authenticity Life Audit: When and Why it Matters in Your Career

1h 1m | Mar 12, 2024

There is a lot of hype about authenticity, making us feel like unabashed authenticity is the panacea: a path to success for all. That’s not the case, and we’ve all met the people that we wish would be a little bit *less* authentic. Listeners to this episode will be invited to consider:

1.        What authenticity actually is (and is not)

2.        That being authentic is a form of privilege (we don’t all have equal access!)

3.        That authenticity is important if and only if authenticity is important to you (values matter). 

4.        If authenticity is important, how it can be harnessed and utilized at every point in the career journey. 

Authenticity is a current buzzword and authentic leadership is an exploding topic of interest. But do we really understand what it means? Is it something we should all pursue? Do all people have equal and equitable access to pursuing it? This episode pulls listeners back from the ‘authenticity as panacea’ mindset and takes the construct on a DeLorean ride back to its philosophical, sociological, and psychological roots. We’ll spend time exploring whether authenticity is universally important for leaders (or just for leaders that find authenticity important), consider nuanced ways about what authenticity might mean for and to you, and finally, in cases where authenticity does matter, give thought to how to strategically map out a dynamic and authentic career from start point to end point (spoiler alert: life audits required). 

Dr. Alexis Franzese is the Department Chair and an Associate Professor for the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Elon University, and a licensed psychologist with a small private practice. With academic training in the fields of sociology and psychology, her teaching and research interests are at the intersection of these fields and her main area of expertise is within issues of self, identity, and well-being.  She is especially passionate about her study of authenticity- being one’s true self and is currently conducting research on authenticity and identity within travel and tourism, with Disney as a strategic domain of focus. Her work has been published within edited volumes and other peer-reviewed collections, including journals that span the breadth of her scholarly interests. She is a graduate of Union College (B.A.) and Duke University where she completed two separate doctoral degrees, in sociology and in psychology (clinical).  She loves debating the ethics of authenticity and tries to incorporate her knowledge into her own approach and adventures.

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