The Power of Adaptive Planning and Creativity in Strategic Decision-Making

1h 0m | Mar 19, 2024

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Liz Sweigart who will share with us about the importance of Adaptive Planning, practical frameworks for strategic decision-making, and how to embrace innovation and creativity in that process. Given the ongoing uncertainties we face, our ability to infuse flexibility, continuous adjustment, and creativity into thoughtful scenario planning, risk management, and other strategic tools can help navigate ambiguity and mitigate potential challenges, and empower us to to know what to do, when, and how. 

In this episode we delve into how to strategically navigate the complexities of uncertain futures without fear or trying new things. Liz Sweigart, PhD will emphasize the critical need for adaptive planning, highlighting the importance of continually evaluating and adjusting strategies in response to evolving circumstances. Through practical frameworks and methodologies shared in the conversation, audience members gain actionable tools for strategic decision-making amidst ambiguity. Moreover, Liz will champion the role of innovation and creativity in strategy formulation, encouraging listeners to embrace uncertainty as a catalyst for innovation rather than a hindrance. She also reflects on her own experiences and what she has learned about caring for herself, especially her mental health, in the midst of change and uncertainty. This episode will hopefully be a beacon of guidance, empowering individuals and organizations alike to confidently map out strategies to thrive in uncertain environments.

The audience will gain: 

1. An understanding the Importance of Adaptive Planning

2. Practical Frameworks for Strategic Decision-Making

3. Encouragement to embrace Innovation and Creativity

From history major (who dabbled in Medieval Studies and chemical engineering) to nonprofit finance leader to Big 4 tax partner to emerging tech startup executive, nothing about Liz Sweigart's 20-plus year career has been linear. As an independent board director and advisor, Liz works with individuals and organizations ranging from startup founders to the C-suites and boards of publicly traded multinationals in various industry sectors. At her core, Liz is passionate about fostering environments where human beings can thrive and flourish. She holds a BA from Rice University, an MBA from the University of St. Thomas (Houston), and a PhD in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School.

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