Navigating the Complex Health Care System Labyrinth, with Frank R. Harrison

1h 2m | Jun 11, 2024

What complex changes are happening in the healthcare sector and how does that affect patient, provider, and organizational success? In this episode we talk with Frank R. Harrison about the rapid post-pandemic changes experienced by hospitals, opportunities and challenges with technologies, including AI, and navigating the labyrinth of the system. 

Using New York City as an example, we will look at their current hospital systems and show the pros and cons of being vertically integrated or acquired through traditional M&A Activity. We'll also explore which systems serve different needs best, how to succeed within those challenging environments as a patient, provider, or leader, and the complexity that impacts outcomes. Equipped with an MBA from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business concentrating in Global Marketing, Finance and International Management, and Master of Arts Psychology and Neuroscience and a Certificate in Public Health Advocate through Cornell University and the New York State Department of Health, Frank R. Harrison has 30+ years of experience, including executive roles spanning the Financial Services, Entertainment, and New Media industries. His Business experience coupled with his health training has led to healthcare ventures, advocacy programs and media platforms to illustrate his research and desire to strive for social change one person at a time, bringing it to life through his podcast, Frank About Health. He also has a healthcare platform a division of his new venture Health-E-Media, Inc.


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