Mastering the Expecting Parent Experience: Mapping a Strategy to Retain This Top Talent Demographic

1h 0m | Mar 26, 2024

In this episode, we'll map out strategies to support employee transitions into parenthood. What do they need? Are there generational differences in trends and expectations? How does this impact team culture, retention, and productivity? Sarah Olin will provide insights into the impact of making this a priority, how to do it gracefully and align it with company goals, and creative methods for maintaining team productivity during extended leaves.

The collision between parenthood and career presents critical retention issues for companies. Becoming a parent leads to shifting priorities. This requires leaders to understand what their employees might need to help them feel good about staying at the company. Get the transition right? Top talent plants roots. Bungle it? Risk losing them for good. How can you lead confident conversations aligned to parent needs, maintain productivity, and ease their return to work? Sarah Olin offers a roadmap to provide an A+ experience for parents while increasing retention and engagement, and sustaining productivity for the company.

In this episode we'll also delve into:

1. Millennial and Gen Z talent trends and why supporting their transition into working parenthood is critical.

2. How this connects to company culture and team impact.

3. Creative strategies to maintain team productivity during extended leaves.

Sarah Olin is the leading voice in coaching and transformation for working parents. With years of experience and understanding what parents need to thrive, Sarah co-founded LUMO to help progressive organizations support their employees with the transition to working parenthood. Trained by world-renowned leaders including Dr. Brené Brown, Sarah has coached leaders at the UN, NBA, Google, and Calvin Klein, among others. She was a featured keynote speaker at Amazon's first-ever International Working Moms’ Day.

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