How to Develop a Compass to Navigate Complexity and Unknowns

1h 0m | May 7, 2024

Listeners will walk away with unique and creative insights on what it means to change, how understanding our limitations can become a strength, and fascinating research on learning, curiosity, and rewiring habits. Lisa will also share some of her frameworks for navigating change, including tools and guideposts that strengthen our ability to face change, important resources for expanding our sense of direction, and her ALIGN system of core values to establish sustainability in growth (and change).

How do you navigate through uncertainty and unchartered territory toward change when the path is unclear and seems to be far from straight-forward? Lisa DeAngelis, a holistic change practitioner and author of Embracing the Unknown, will walk us through how to understand the barriers, develop a compass, and implement directions and guideposts that can help map pathways forward through her ALIGN system.

Lisa DeAngelis is a holistic change practitioner, author of Embracing the Unknown, teacher, and speaker, and a skilled expert in the art of navigating sustainable change and guiding personal transformation. Lisa brings a warm, thoughtful, and creative approach to her work and is sought after for her ability to weave together ideas, coalescing and communicating information in meaningful ways. She is passionate about building meaningful relationships and helping others live authentically, and known for the wisdom and curiosity she brings to conversations on a variety of topics. Lisa is also the Chair of a nonprofit where her approach to leadership is strategic and visionary. Her personal goals include a commitment to "walking her talk" and helping re-envision how leaders can navigate change with more authenticity and intentionality to embrace the process of growth, learning to align with guiding principles and core values that support meaningful and impactful choices.

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