How to Combat Ageism and Regain Confidence in Middle Age, with Nori Jabba

56m | Oct 20, 2023

The audience will learn how to navigate the uncertainty of how to balance our experience with growth. Women especially find themselves feeling dismissed, looked over, and passed over, due to the true impact of gendered ageism. Our guest Nori Jabba will share how she navigated this experience and regained her confidence. She will share 1. Practical tips for regaining confidence in middle age to help you keep your seat at the table. 2. Strategies to develop a more age-inclusive organization. 3. How to combat ageism if you experience it.

As we grow older as leaders, we often to face uncertainty at work and at home as we navigate how to balance our experience with growth. Should we own our age? Do we have too much experience? Should we downplay it? Sometimes, we might find ourselves feeling dismissed, looked over, passed over, or out of sync with the younger workforce. Ageism is real, and there is a lot we can do about it. In this episode, we explore ageism, how to create a more age-inclusive culture in your organization, and how to regain your confidence if you’ve experienced the uncertainty that comes along with it.

Nori Jabba has had a career in corporate real estate and community development spanning over 30 years. When looking for employment again after years of consulting, she realized she’d lost her seat at the table when no one would hire her despite relevant experience, awards, and a master's degree. She abandoned her job search to learn more about ageism in hiring and the workplace and what she needed to change about herself. She wrote a memoir and guide to share her story and help others experiencing ageism, especially women. Through her journey, she did land the job she was looking for and launched a new path as a speaker and mentor. KEEPING YOUR SEAT AT THE TABLE is her first book.

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