How Women in Senior Leadership Roles Lead with Impact & Authority

1h 0m | Dec 12, 2023

The most important skill women (especially) need to succeed and thrive at all stages of their careers.

Whether you're starting out in your career, in the market for a promotion, or simply trying to show up as the best leader you can be, you're going to be asked what you bring to the table, why you matter, why YOU are the boss. Answer these questions well and you will unlock incredible potential. Answer them poorly and you will close the door on life-changing opportunities.  In this episode, Mira & Alessandra talk about speaking up, show-casing your value, why it's so hard - especially for women - and how to do it in a manner that is confident, relevant and deeply compelling to others.

Dr. Alessandra Wall is the founder of Noteworthy, executive coach, speaker, and author.  She coaches executive women in STEM and Finance to build impactful and deeply satisfying careers without sacrificing everything else in their lives. With nearly two decades in the field of clinical psychology and thousands of hours working with hundreds of women leaders the world over, she has earned the reputation of being a coach who combines strategic pragmatism, genuine empathy, and a deep understanding of the human mind to propel her clients’ results. 

She partners with organizations that elevate and support women, including Athena, Women In Bio, CREW, and the Device Alliance Network. She is a co-founder and former board chair of Empower Charter School in San Diego. Her mission is to build a world where women at the highest levels of leadership and success are so common it's no longer noteworthy.

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