Your Leadership Signature: Mapping Your Personal Pursuit of Influence and Impact

57m | Jan 9, 2024

Listeners will learn to define leadership in a way that incorporates your personal experience - The first step in your leadership signature. They will get a preview Dr. Pennington's six key areas to "signature leadership" with an example of a pathway to their areas of identification and development.

Dr. Greg Pennington is an expert in leadership and team development and Managing Partner of Pennpoint Consulting Group, and has a mission "to help you be the leader you imagined you could be". Dr. Pennington's experience includes leadership roles in Human Resources, diversity consulting, consulting psychology, high potential development, and succession planning. He leverages over 30 years of experience in internal and external roles to provide a thought-provoking and practical approach to executive coaching, targeted leadership development, and accelerating high-performing teams. By positioning diversity as "the full utilization of all resources" he offers a lens to the impact of diversity and inclusion on an organization's values and business outcomes. 

Dr. Pennington will discuss elements of his book and framework on how to develop your Leadership Signature. A "Leadership Signature" highlights the importance of defining influence and impact in a way that fits for the individual. The session underscores the value of intentional effort in developing leadership effectiveness and provides practical pathways to identify and develop key areas of effectiveness. Though anchored in research, the episode will lean into how glimpses of our personal journeys help us be more effective.;

Your Leadership Signature: Mapping your personal pursuit of influence and impact -

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