Authenticity vs Authority: The Tricky Balance of Mastering Both

59m | Nov 7, 2023

1) Why authenticity is one of the most essential skills to be a successful leader in our new world of work.  

2) How to show up authentically while not undermining your authority

3) Tips for developing a more authentic professional identity

In this new world of work, it's essential for leaders to be changing the way they show up in the world - to stand out from the noise, connect with younger generations, create thriving cultures, gain influence, and create their greatest impact. But it's often a balancing act between showing up "authentically," yet still with your authority. Or being vulnerable, but still credible. Learn insights and tips on how to develop a more authentic presence and amplify your voice. Become a magnet for opportunity and feel more fulfilled in your work. 

Laura Fravel is an Executive Communications Coach & Facilitator, who helps leaders elevate their voice and influence - internally to motivate teams and create thriving cultures, and externally to develop thought leadership and confidently master the media and stages. Laura has coached Fortune 100 & 500 executives, from Adidas to PwC, and facilitates leadership workshops for such companies as Warner-Bros. Discovery's global leadership team. She has a strong background in storytelling, from 20 years in TV & media, and brings an adventurous spirit (from many years working with National Geographic) to all that she does.  She believes your authentic voice is the key to unlocking opportunity and creating your greatest impact.

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