How to Build Bridges in a Polarized World

1h 0m | Dec 5, 2023

Learn to build bridges within your communities, families, and workplaces in which polarization might otherwise result in division. This is a new way to think about the alignment of inner change and social change. You will be invited to recognize that empathetic and emotionally intelligent leaders have first built bridges in their inner worlds. We will explore example of leaders who show up in wholeness, revealing how they build the capacity to celebrate societies polarizing forces as dialectical challenges and optimize the fertility of diverse ecosystems with centeredness and connection.

How can storytelling, authentic relating, and inductive growth-work help leaders and teams use polarities as a strategy to unleash unrivaled creative advantages? How do we subconsciously conform in ways that inhibit leadership capacity? In relationships and leadership styles, our emotional intelligence, empathy, and capacity to be effective is limited by the extent to which we unconsciously allow social roles to govern our dynamics. Once we unpack these conformities, we begin to relate with our unique identity differently. This doesn’t mean we give up what makes us unique, it simply means we begin to relate with ourselves differently. This is the pathway to personal liberation that unlocks profound leadership capacities while simultaneously transforming social issues. 

Gareth Gwyn is the author of the book “You Are Us: How to Build Bridges in a Polarized World.” The 13 stories in the book are from the perspective of 13 people who are radically different but are also unified by having done the work of inner reckoning with their trauma, pain, and socialized identity. Through the vulnerable illumination of each story, we learn how inner work translates into liberated leadership that serves community, workplace, and ultimately societal transformation. She is the founder of Let’s See Labs, a think tank that is the leading advocate for the radical notion that polarity is a creative engine in organizations. This work recognizes that our differences in identity are highly compatible, and can be a source of connection rather than conflict.

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