Journey Through Uncertainty: The Path to Global Tech and Philanthropy with Olivia Nadasan

1h 0m | Oct 6, 2023

The audience will learn through the direct experiences of a global tech leader how she decided to move to different countries for her career and how she grew her career over time by making some wise and strategic decisions.

In this episode we interview a leader, Olivia Nadasan, about her career path and decision making process in the global tech and philanthropy space. She'll also share how she has remained visible and relevant as her career continued to progress despite the uncertain global environment. 

Olivia Nadasan is a Global Business Leader, with an extensive track record in tech, leading business transitions, focusing on scaling the recurring revenue strategy in the Deal Management Strategy space, Finance Transformation, and Operations. She is also passionate about DE&I and Philanthropy, has served on multiple Board roles supporting these interests, including leading a non-profit organization for 4 years growing it into a professional community for women looking to upskill and expand their careers to the next level.

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