How to use Subtle Strength and Motivational Capital to Navigate Nebulous Organizational Politics, with Rob Fazio

59m | Oct 13, 2023

Feeling the nebulous uncertainty of addressing bad workplace behavior? Join us as our guest, Dr. Rob Fazio provides a roadmap to protecting yourself and others from dysfunctional dominance at work!

There are often two ends of the relational spectrum when it comes to leadership styles. On one end of the extreme are those who err too far into being supportive / passive / non-confrontational and as a result have difficulty addressing problematic workplace behaviors, such as narcissistic bullies. On the other end of the spectrum are those very bullies who steamroll over everyone. How do you separate the good alphas from the bullies? Dr. Rob Fazio has studied the art of managing bullies and will share with us several frameworks and tips for navigating what is considered one of the most challenging people-issues that most leaders deal with. 

Dr. Fazio is a counseling and consulting psychologist and Wall Street Journal Best Selling author of "BullyProof, a roadmap to protecting yourself and others from dysfunctional dominance. ,

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