Mapping a Leadership Strategy Using Smart Assessments for Insight-Building

59m | Feb 20, 2024

How can your personal self-awareness help your career and performance success? How do I hone this? Our guest Nancy Parsons will share her insights on this question along with assessment and data-based ideas for mapping a strategy for effective development.

Deep self-awareness is critical to mapping an effective strategy for development and performance improvement.  Research shows that leaders tend to lack the clarity and personal objectivity needed to recognize, build upon, or leverage their inherent character talent, gifts and acumen; while understanding, managing and neutralizing their risks and short sides. This means that leaders spend a lot of time trying to develop the wrong things or have difficulty honing in on what matters most. In fact, an HBR study (Eurich, 2018) of 5000 participants found that while most people think of themselves as self-aware, only 10 to 15% actually are!  Nancy Parsons will share insights and stories of how accurate self-awareness leads to breakthrough success and fulfillment.

Nancy Parsons is one of today’s foremost experts in combining the science of assessments with the art of developing people. She co-founded CDR Companies, LLC and developed the break-through CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® an in-depth coaching tool used by global clients. The Suite measures:  character traits, inherent risk factors for derailment, and drivers and rewards.  In 2020, Nancy and her team launched CDR-U Coach, the first of its kind digital avatar coach providing individualized feedback and development for all employees. In 2022, CDR-U Coach was awarded the international Gold Star Winner of the “Best New Product” by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. This is a scalable solution to assessment and coaching that can reach all levels of employees. Nancy was awarded the prestigious MEECO International Thought Leadership of Distinction in Executive Coaching in 2019 which only a select few have received such as Marshall Goldsmith and Jim Kouzes.,,,    

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