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A Pondering Heart Podcast

Two friends on the journey to sainthood. Join us as we dive deeper into our Catholic faith, reflect on our call to holiness, and like Mary, ponder all these things in our hearts.

Let’s ponder out loud together!


S2E5 | One Final Heart to Heart
Show Details32min 6s
S2E4 | In Pursuit of Holy Friendship with Father Richard and Father Raffaele
Show Details56min 44s
S2E3 | Instagram is Not Your Bible
Show Details40min 23s
S2E2 | How do you pray? 🙏🏼
Show Details46min 36s
S2E1 | Balancing Mary and Martha
Show Details42min 35s
S1E14 | Season 1 Finale!
Show Details29min 38s
S1E13 | Dreams, Desires, and Asking Big Things of God
Show Details40min 6s
S1E12 | Following God Through the Drama of Life with Fr. Mark McGuckin
Show Details53min 57s
S1E11 | Our Friends, the Saints
Show Details45min 13s
S1E10 | The Beauty of Accompaniment with Sr. Mary Sabina, OP
Show Details59min 44s
S1E9 | Can You Get Angry at God?
Show Details30min 30s
S1E8 | A Partnership Rooted in God with Michael and Camille Mendoza (pt. 2)
Show Details38min 51s
S1E7 | A Partnership Rooted in God with Michael and Camille Mendoza (pt. 1)
Show Details43min 11s
S1E6 | Trusting God with Our Growth
Show Details40min 1s
S1E5 | Vocation, Timelines, & Spiritual Battles with Deacon Raffaele Salvino
Show Details49min 9s
S1E4 | Holiness For You, Too!
Show Details34min 8s
S1E3 | St. Joseph: A Patient Man of Few Words
Show Details37min 31s
S1E2 | Meet Your Hosts!
Show Details32min 28s
S1E1 | Welcome to A Pondering Heart Podcast!
Show Details21min 52s