S1E7 | A Partnership Rooted in God with Michael and Camille Mendoza (pt. 1)

Season 1 | Episode 7
43m | May 7, 2021

We hear stories of happily ever after, and at some level, we all desire to be seen, known, and loved. But behind all the #couplegoals and cute date ideas, there is real and hard work that needs to go into the individuals and the marriage for it to work.

To break this topic open for us, we welcome Michael and Camille Mendoza, a couple living in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. We admire their marriage and partnership dearly, and in part 1 of our conversation we dive into Michael and Camille first as individuals and friends, and how that served as the foundation for their love story and marriage. They recount the story of how intentionality, clarity, and God was the center of their lives, and how by His grace, He brought them together.

Michael and Camille Mendoza have been married for almost two years at the release of this episode, and are parents to a beautiful girl. They live in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. You can find them on Instagram @mjmendz and @camillermendz and also at

*Thoughts to ponder from this episode:*

  • What stood out to you from Michael and Camille's love story?
  • "I really intentionally prayed for my friendship with her first, to have God be present in those moments." — As Michael describes, he wanted to be intentional with his discernment for Camille. If you are someone who is currently discerning your vocation, what steps are you taking to be intentional in your discernment? How is God present in that process?
  • "As a result of [my] past relationship, I had learned not to take control of that relationship, and not to be the one pursuing because it takes away the role of the male." — For the ladies, how often do we grow impatient and try to take control of our relationships? How are you growing in your feminine genius? For the guys, what steps are you taking to grow into your role as the leader in your relationships? How are you growing in your masculine genius?

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