S1E12 | Following God Through the Drama of Life with Fr. Mark McGuckin

Season 1 | Episode 12
53m | Jun 11, 2021

Many times we think we know what we want in our life, and we pursue our dreams and desires independent of God. For Fr. Mark McGuckin, he had a desire to work in the TV and film industry. Ultimately, he got his wish: He graduated from the University of British Columbia's film program and then worked in Vancouver's TV and film industry. But through a powerful moment of conversion, Fr. Mark started asking the big questions about what life is all about. This led him to leave his work and followed God to the seminary, and in 2016, he was ordained a priest.

Fr. Mark McGuckin is an ordained priest in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, currently serving at St. Joseph's Parish in Port Moody.

Thoughts to ponder from this episode:

  • Fr. Mark described some of the emptiness that he felt in the work that he was doing, which led him to ask deeper questions about life and God's existence. Have you ever found yourself asking life's "big questions"? How does this impact your current work and vocation?
  • "We're co-authors of this life that we've been given. God is the main author, and we get to co-author this story with Him. He knows the major plot-points already, and He doesn't inhibit our free will, and He's inviting us to collaborate here." — The 'drama of life' as Fr. Mark describes it can be challenging, heart breaking, and terrifying, but it is never boring. God desires to write our story with us, though it requires an immense amount of trust especially in the more difficult parts. How is He calling you to co-author your story with Him?

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