S1E10 | The Beauty of Accompaniment with Sr. Mary Sabina, OP

Season 1 | Episode 10
59m | May 28, 2021

When it comes to discerning God's will for our lives, it becomes almost impossible when we try to do it all on our own. We may feel scared to reach out to other people because of judgement or insecurity. But in our conversation with Sister Mary Sabina, she challenges us to not be afraid and to be bold in seeking accompaniment.

In this episode, Sr. Mary Sabina shares her beautiful vocation story, the importance of accompaniment, and how she was tasked to create a community for discerning women in the Archdiocese of Vancouver and what a blessing that has been for the community and herself. And as a religious sister, she has a lot of advice when it comes to women who may be discerning a religious vocation!

Sr. Mary Sabina is a Dominican Sister of St. Cecilia currently stationed in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. She teaches at a local Catholic high school and also works for the Archdiocese of Vancouver as the Archbishop’s Delegate for Consecrated Life.

Thoughts to ponder from this episode:

  • "God speaks gently, and He unfolds His plan for salvation in time, over history, and He took time to do it. But it's really hard for us who are in time to wait for Him who is outside of time." — We've made different mentions this season of timelines, patience, and working with God in His time rather than our own. What does it mean for you to wait for His timing? How might you practice that in your life right now?
  • Sister Mary Sabina emphasized the importance of accompaniment, and we can find that through spiritual directors, vocations directors, and even friends. Do you have people who are accompanying you on your journey? Take note of who they are in your life, and give thanks for them today.
  • Regardless of what vocation you are called to, Sister Mary Sabina talks about the need for freedom in our lives, especially during discernment. This could be freedom from physical ailments, previous trauma, or chronic sins. What are some things that are keeping you from experiencing true freedom? What might some steps be that you can take to seek freedom?

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