S1E9 | Can You Get Angry at God?

Season 1 | Episode 9
30m | May 21, 2021

Everyone's prayer life and relationship to God is unique and personal, but one thing that comes up often is the question of getting real with God and showing our true emotions — especially if it is frustration, anger, or hurt. Many times, we even struggle with telling those around us that we are angry at them! Are we allowed to get angry at Him in prayer, or do we have to put our anger in a box and leave it at the door of the chapel? In this episode, we talk through the misconception of holding our emotions away from God in prayer and discuss the key to openness with Him: trust!

Remember: God created you for joy! We are not meant to stay angry or upset all the time, but God wants to experience our pain and suffering and journey with us. Bring it to Him!

Thoughts to ponder from this episode:

  • "You can be angry at God, but that doesn't mean that you actually tell Him that." — Have you ever felt 'angry' at God? Have you ever felt like you needed to hold back your pains, hurts, and sorrows from Him?
  • "God is God, and He can take on so much. He is not afraid of our weakness and anger." — What prevents you from being totally honest with God in prayer?
  • "Who else could you trust with such vulnerable and intimate things, other than the one who loves you most?" — Do you trust that God made you out of love, for love? Welcome Him into your heart and life today as you reflect on something that you may be withholding from Him in prayer.

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