S1E11 | Our Friends, the Saints

Season 1 | Episode 11
45m | Jun 4, 2021

In a recent Wednesday audience, Pope Francis spoke on the communion of saints and their relationship to us, decades and centuries later: "The saints are still here not far from us; and their representations in churches evoke that “cloud of witnesses” that always surrounds us." The saints are not only historical beings and exemplars of holiness — they also are our friends, continuously interceding for us and proving to us that no matter how far we stray from the path, there is always hope. In this episode, we share our love for the saints, the many medals we wear to honour their legacy, and share some of our favourite saints and how they continue to pray for us.

We mentioned:

  • Jennifer Fulwiler's Saint Name Generator, which you can find here:
  • Modern Saints: Their Lives and Faces by Ann Ball
  • Meg Hunter Kilmer is a saint ninja! She also is the author of the book Saints Around the World.

Thoughts to ponder from this episode:

  • From Pope Francis' Wednesday audience (April 7, 2021): "The saints remind us that even in our lives, however weak and marked by sin, holiness can unfold." — What is your personal relationship with saints? Do you feel that they are out of reach or difficult to related to?
  • Who are some of the saints in your life that you seek the intercession of? Who are some of the saints who have befriended you? Ask them to pray for you today and always!

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