• Healing Hashimoto's and Restoring Thyroid Function with Dr. Anshul Gupta l Understanding the Many Root Causes Behind Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and How to Reverse Your Symptoms

    In this episode, we're joined by Dr. Anshul Gupta, a leading expert in Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Together, we delve into the intricate world of Hashimoto's, exploring crucial topics such as the significant of identifying root causes, the top foods to avoid and include, the impact of gluten and caffeine, the debate around iodine supplementation, and the intriguing connection between heavy metals and Epstein Barr virus.

    Dr. Anshul Gupta is a best-selling author, speaker, researcher, and the world expert in Hashimoto’s disease. He educates people worldwide on reversing Hashimoto’s disease. He is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, with advanced certification in Functional Medicine, Peptide therapy, and also Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. He has worked at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Department of Functional Medicine alongside Dr. Mark Hyman. He has helped thousands of patients to reverse their health issues by using the concepts of functional medicine. 


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:12 Pop Quiz of the Day

    6:33 Zooming in on Hashimoto’s

    7:20 About Dr. Anshul Gupta

    8:06 Welcome him to the podcast

    9:42 His life’s mission

    10:08 What is Hashimoto’s Disease?

    10:46 What is the missing link in diagnosis?

    11:50 Underlying root causes

    14:02 Multifactorial causes of Hashimoto’s

    15:13 Top foods to avoid

    15:50 Addressing caffeine intake

    19:20 Gluten & Dairy for Thyroid

    22:56 Top Superfoods for Thyroid

    24:35 Importance of high-quality fats

    26:26 Eggs: Yay or Nay?

    28:39 Goitrogens & Iodine

    30:38 * Troscriptions Calm *

    33:36 Testing for iodine levels

    36:55 Fasting & Hashimoto’s

    41:05 * Magnesium Breakthrough *

    43:38 Environment Toxins & Heavy Metals

    46:01 Caution: Detox Protocols

    48:25 Testing for heavy metals & mold toxins

    50:20 Amalgam fillings & thyroid toxicity

    52:45 Exercise as a stressor

    55:15 Poor Sleep & Adrenals

    56:48 Managing stress

    58:52 Hormonal System as a symphony

    1:00:25 Epstein Barr & Thyroid

    1:05:30 Full Thyroid Panels

    1:07:37 Expected healing timeline

    1:09:43 His final piece of advice

    1:10:31 Where to find him

    1:11:55 Thanks for tuning in!







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  • Early Detection Screening & Actionable Insights with Jo Bhakdi of Quantgene

    In this eye-opening episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Jo Bhakdi, a visionary in the field of healthcare, to discuss the critical importance of early detection screening and preventing chronic disease. Jo Bhakdi, the founder and CEO of Quantgene, shared his insights on a wide range of topics, shedding light on why early screening is essential, how we can encourage people to prioritize prevention, advanced diagnostic/screening tools, the nuances of false positives, affordability in healthcare, the benefits of communal living, and the "Resolution" approach to healthcare. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of healthcare and the role of early detection in achieving health sovereignty and affordable wellness.

    Jo Bhakdi is the Founder and CEO of Quantgene with the mission to extend the healthy human life span by a decade within a decade. Together with Quantgene’s team of scientists and engineers, he is dedicated to introducing cloud, AI, and precision diagnostics into the standard of care to enhance the quality and accessibility of care for everyone and protect human life. Born to scientist parents, Jo grew up with a backdrop of medical research before earning a Master’s in Economics from Tubingen University, one of Germany’s leading academic institutions. Prior to Quantgene, Jo held executive positions at BDDO and Omnicom with a focus on business model innovation and technology, then founded i2X, an investment platform that provides quantitative analytics for biotechnology and technology portfolios.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:34 About Jo Bhakdi

    4:30 Welcome him to the podcast!

    5:35 Why is early screening essential?

    10:08 How do we get people to care about prevention?

    10:28 Standard of Care screenings

    13:19 Advanced Screenings

    13:41 Why don’t people want to screen?

    16:09 Prioritizing prevention

    17:34 Detection & False Positives

    23:16 Fixing the system

    26:22 Diagnostics: MRI, Liquid Biopsies, Blood Chem & Genomics

    31:50 *Troscriptions - Blue Cannatine*

    34:00 MRIs vs Liquid Biopsies

    35:18 Prostate Screening

    37:35 Health Sovereignty & Responsibility

    40:27 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    42:59 Why health doesn’t have to be expensive

    47:02 Disrupting metabolism with fad diets

    48:56 How & where to get started

    50:41 Follow-ups & “Optimizing under the Curve”

    52:00 The Resolution approach

    52:40 Neurodegeneration & Alzheimer’s Prevention

    54:54 Medicine 2.0 & The Four Horseman

    1:01:20 Benefits of Living in Community

    1:03:57 His final piece of advice

    1:05:31 Where to find him

    1:05:54 Thanks for tuning in!




    Website: Quantgene






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  • First Responder Challenges & Opportunities For Avoiding Chronic Disease l Optimizing The Body's Natural Healing Abilities to Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Circadian Rhythm Dysregulation

    We were so honored when Josh Burchick invited us to speak on his podcast, "Forged and Unbroken." We have been blown away by his work and his mission to help firefighters get and stay healthy. Since we feel like this information needs to be shared to more First Responders around the country, we decided to also share the episode here on the Biohacker Babes podcast. In this episode, we discuss the importance of sleep optimization & circadian rhythm, why you should always run basic lab tests, nutrition & fasting, hot & cold therapy, hormetic stressors, top supplements, and more!

    Josh Burchick has been a firefighter since 2003, he currently serves as a Captain for a professional Department in central Maryland and is a Fireground Survival Instructor. He's been a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach since 2011, with his passion being CrossFit and mobility and movement patterns for injury prevention and rehabilitation. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety Leadership from Johns Hopkins University. If he's not outdoors or hiking, you can find him in Frederick, MD with his wife and two daughters. 

    Forged & Unbroken is an online community for firefighters, but also for anyone looking for self-improvement. There is a daily workout with an option for at-home, a weekly growth mindset podcast, a weekly mobility video, a weekly research topic from other industries covering health, wellness, leadership and more. There is also the public podcast covering the same aforementioned topics, as well as fire service stories of struggle and resiliency. The goal is to crest a more well-rounded, resilient human. Each quarter, 1/3 of all proceeds from the venture is donated to public safety charities and causes. 


    0:53 Welcome to the show!

    4:05 Diving in with Josh Burchick

    4:35 What got us into Biohacking?

    6:07 Healing vs Thriving

    7:56 Our definition of Biohacking

    13:10 First Responder’s Schedule & Challenges

    14:34 How firefighter’s can recover better

    15:40 Supporting the nervous system

    18:11 HRV Explained

    20:23 Sleep Chronotypes

    21:53 Data Wearable priorities

    24:51 How are EMFs affecting us?

    29:51 Supplements for Sleep

    31:46 Questions about melatonin

    37:20 Lab Testing opportunities

    41:56 Food Sensitivity Test vs Elimination Diet

    46:05 Fat vs Carb Burning

    47:37 Fasting: yay or nay?

    53:28 Top tips for metabolic health

    56:25 Exogenous Ketones

    56:56 Hot & Cold Therapies

    1:10:34 Mouth Taping

    1:11:22 Alternatives for CPAP Machines

    1:12:54 Addressing Nootropics & Nicotine

    1:17:25 Caffeine recommendations

    1:20:15 Plant Medicine Prep & Integration

    1:22:06 Renee’s health journey

    1:23:30 Josh’s story into service

    1:25:10 Thanks for tuning in!


    Forged & Unbroken Podcast

    IG: jjburchick

    Hanu Health - code: BABES40

    Elite HRV


    OURA Ring

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  • Dr. John Lieurance on Melatonin: the "Miracle Molecule" and Methylene Blue For Stress Resilience, Brain Inflammation, Immune Support, Circadian Rhythm

    We are thrilled to bring you this fascinating conversation with Dr. John Lieurance about different powerful biohacks which include high-dose melatonin and methylene blue supplementation. We dive into the different uses of melatonin (other than sleep regulation!) and how it can be a game-changer for those struggling with chronic health conditions. He also shares his personal experience with methylene blue, the importance of the "blue spot" in the brain, the role of neuroinflammation and neuroprotection, as well as how to dose it. Make sure you have a notepad nearby for this episode because you'll definitely want to take notes!

    John A. Lieurance, ND, DC, DABCN (board eligible) is an Author, Physician, Lecturer, Scientific Advisor for MitoZen.com, and educator to those seeking vitality, longevity, and enhanced consciousness. His interest is in connecting what he calls, "The 3 legs of a stool": Vitality of the body, Mind Mastery & a Direct experience of God. Using science and ancient wisdom, he aims to connect these dots in his own journey to becoming the best version of himself in this life.

    Diving deeply into many healing methods, to discover the deepest and most profound means to activate cellular energy, such as with Melatonin, Methylene Blue, and NAD+ as well as Fasting with various nutrients to activate responses. Dr. John explores many new paths in the healthcare world, with his unique & fresh ideas using various delivery systems, such as suppositories and nasal sprays, and various protocols he has created.

    He attended Parker College of Chiropractic & received his Naturopathic degree in 2001 from St. Luke's School of Medicine. He has practiced Functional Neurology, Naturopathic medicine, and Regenerative Medicine, using stem cell therapy in Sarasota for 25 years.

    Founder of the Advanced Rejuvenation Center in Sarasota, Florida, and founder of Functional Cranial Release - which is an Endo-Nasal Cranial Treatment with the ability to unlock the spinal fluid to allow profound healing of the nervous system.

    See his next book "It's All in Your Head: Endo-Nasal Cranial Therapy". Dr. Lieurance has been involved in multiple clinical trials including an investigation into the use of stem cells for Parkinson's Disease, COPD, and OA of the knee and hip from 2012-2014. He has a clinical focus on mold illness, Lyme disease, and chronic viral infections. Using natural eastern and Western approaches to healing the true source of disease, which lies in the metabolic pathways that are challenged by chronic inflammation resulting in infections and toxicity.

    Books Authored:

    Melatonin: Miracle Molecule - Melatonin Miracle Molecule: Transform your life with Melatonin. Why higher doses are safe and benefit beyond sleep as the bodies master stress resilience molecule for healing & longevity.

    Ebook: Methylene Blue: Silver Bullet - (See MethyleneBlueBook.com)

    It's All in Your Head: EndoNasal Cranial Therapy – It's All In Your Head: Endo Nasal Cranial Therapy


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:27 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:18 Today’s episode

    5:53 Dr. John Lieurance’s bio

    6:52 Welcome him to the show!

    8:49 Intro to Melatonin

    10:35 Energy for inflammation

    12:14 When do we need melatonin?

    14:35 Super-Physiological doses

    15:18 Renee’s experience with EBV & Melatonin

    16:04 Metabolizing melatonin & genetics

    17:29 Taking melatonin during the day

    18:20 Best practices for dosing

    19:56 First studies on melatonin

    21:53 Cell Danger Response

    23:05 Activating our circadian rhythm

    24:32 The Blue Spot 

    26:18 Perseveration & Rumination

    29:10 Brain inflammation, LPS & Trigeminal Nerve

    31:40 Blue Spot & Methylene Blue

    34:33 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    36:50 The body’s stress response & Microglial cells

    41:57 Neuroprotection & “Fast Track Fast”

    45:10 Methylene Blue before HBOT

    47:26 Our experiences with Methylene Blue

    49:00 Dosing & Titrating Methylene Blue

    55:49 Combining color therapy with MB

    58:05 Nutrients for micro & macro dosing

    1:00:25 Serotonin Storm

    1:04:24 His final piece of advice

    1:06:39 Where to find him


    Advanced Rejuvenation: Stem Cell Treatment,PRP Treatment,Prolotherapy , Ozone - Sarasota, FL


    MitoZen Scientific

    IG: Your Out of Box Doc

    Facebook: John Lieurance

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    1h 8m | Aug 28, 2023
  • Predict, Measure and Take Action on Your Biological Clock l How to Slow Down the Aging Process with Hannah Went of TruDiagnostic Epigenetic Testing

    We’re thrilled to bring you this conversation with Hannah Went all about aging, biological clocks and epigenetics! She brings incredible insight into the options for testing your biological age, thoughts on telomere testing, the biggest drivers of aging, and what we can learn from the Dunedin pace of aging test. Tune in if you’re interested in extending your healthspan! 

    Hannah Went has a lifelong passion for longevity and breakthrough, disruptive technologies that drive radical improvement to the human condition. She attended the University of Kentucky and graduated with a degree in Biology. During that time, she had multiple research internships studying cell signaling and cell biology. After graduation, she worked for the International Peptide Society as their Director of Research and Content. Through work in the integrative medicine industry, Hannah saw an opportunity for methylation based age diagnostics and started TruDiagnostics in 2020. TruDiagnostic is a company focusing on methylation array-based diagnostics for life extension and preventive healthcare serving functional medicine providers. TruDiagnostic has a commitment to research with over 30 approved clinical trials investigating the epigenetic methylation changes of longevity and health interventions. Since TruDiagnostic’s inception, they have created one of the largest private epigenetic health databases in the world with over 15,000 patients tested to date. Hannah has since created Everything Epigenetics where she shares insights on how DNA regulation has an impact on your health.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:45 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:48 Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

    4:33 Kava & Kratom

    4:59 The emotional benefits of alcohol

    7:18 STUDY: Alcohol & Amygdala

    8:04 Hannah Went’s Bio

    9:38 Welcome Hannah!

    10:38 How do Epigenetics affect Healthspan

    15:30 Steve Horvath & Biological Age

    17:24 Dr. Morgan Levine & 2nd Generation Clocks

    18:58 Is Telomere testing still valuable?

    22:04 Senolytics for Senescent Cells

    25:07 NEW STUDY: Predicting Age in Women

    28:30 Measuring Spermidine levels

    28:25 Epigenetic vs Blood/Serum Testing

    30:33 Spermidine, NMN, NR & Rapamycin

    33:55 Caloric Restriction & Dunedin PACE

    35:20 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    37:30 The nuances of fasting/feeding

    39:28 Stress, thoughts & mindset on Aging

    40:20 3rd Generation Clock: Dunedin PACE

    44:35 The “Rejuvenation Olympics”

    45:50 Pregnancy, Illness & Surgeries

    47:01 How else can we slow the aging process?

    48:28 Effect of green space on aging

    50:04 How detrimental is alcohol?

    55:24 Sleep deprivation & age

    57:24 Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance

    59:52 Are we all doomed?

    1:02:35 How can we be more pro-active?

    1:03:22 Lab Grown Meat

    1:07:21 Her final piece of advice

    1:07:55 Where to find more of her!

    1:08:19 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: Everything Epigenetics

    Website: TruDiagnostic

    IG: Everything Epigenetics 

    Email: hannah@everythingepigenetics.com

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    1h 9m | Aug 21, 2023
  • Root Causes of Pain, How to Address Inflammation & Avoid Unnecessary Surgery l Natural Solutions for Pain-Relief with Dr. Josh Levitt of UpWellness

    We are thrilled to bring you this conversation with Dr. Josh Levitt, who has helped thousands of patients with natural solutions to common, chronic, and complex medical problems. He brings a unique approach to medicine to ensure his patients are getting the best care possible. In this episode, we cover the foundations of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Josh's hierarchy of therapeutics, causes of unnecessary surgery, common causes of pain in the body, the link between leaky gut & systemic inflammation, as well as his top anti-inflammatory nutrients.

    Dr. Josh Levitt is a naturopathic physician with a degree in physiology from UCLA, a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University, residency training in integrative medicine, over 10 years of precepting medical residents from the Yale School of Medicine, and over 20 years of direct clinical experience with thousands of patients.

    He has helped thousands of patients with natural solutions to common, chronic, and complex medical problems. His primary focus is on painful orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions and helping people understand and treat their pain at the source. As such… natural, integrative, nutritional, and herbal treatments for inflammation, muscle tension, biomechanics/posture, and mind-body medicine for pain management are core talking points. 

    Dr. Levitt is also the co-founder and medical director at UpWellness which is an 8-figure company where he created a line of premium natural products that work. 


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:44 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:15 Today’s topic

    5:15 Dr. Josh Levitt’s bio

    6:10 Welcome him to the show!

    7:35 His journey into medicine

    9:42 What is Naturopathic medicine?

    9:50 “NAY-tural” vs “NA-tural”

    14:15 The Hierarchy of Therapeutics

    17:20 Weighing in on Antibiotics & Surgery

    19:05 Renee’s history with back pain

    20:29 Causes for unnecessary surgery

    22:16 Statistics on back pain

    23:05 Lauren’s herniated disc

    24:43 Other causes of PAIN

    29:57 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    32:09 Where do we start?

    33:51 Leaky gut & Inflammation

    35:21 Testing for inflammation

    38:30 Powerful compounds for inflammation

    44:18 Magnesium & Stress

    46:38 Black Pipeline Research & backlash

    49:20 Deciphering Misinformation: Berberine & Taurine

    51:59 Transitioning to more natural options

    54:01 Contraindications: supplements vs meds

    57:01 His final piece of advice

    59:46 Where to find him

    1:00:26 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: upwellness.com

    IG: @upwellness


    FB: Up Wellness

    Sleep Breakthrough - discount code: BIOHACKERBABES10

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    1h 1m | Aug 14, 2023
  • Whole-Body Systemic Healing with LightPathLED Red Light Therapy l The Short & Long-Term Benefits of Continuous and Pulsed Red Light with Scott Kennedy

    We are thrilled to have Scott Kennedy back on the podcast for a deeper dive into the incredible health benefits of red light therapy. We catch up on the latest scientific research, benefits of pulsing and higher frequencies, his thoughts on red light beds and hormesis, and more! Also, make sure you check out our previous episode with Scott in 2020 for an intro to red light therapy.

    Scott Kennedy is a certified laser/light specialist and health coach. In 2018, he started the first light therapy wellness center in New Jersey where he meet with clients from all walks of life, all ages, and with the gambit of issues. 

    He started his journey 10 years ago when he suffered from peripheral neuropathy. He saw countless doctors and tried countless remedies with only limited relief. He went from running ultra-marathons and boxing to being sedentary. 

    Within 4 months, his symptoms decreased over 80%. The improvements he felt from light therapy were life-altering. He's now back to running and boxing and living life. His goal is to now help others get back to doing what they enjoy in life, without pain or pills.

    With a focus on safety and quality, he began LightpathLED to create the best home use panels on the market. They now have panels that surpass the competition at a lower price point as well as panels with multiple wavelengths and pulsing, which no other company is doing. His commitment is always to the pursuit of optimal health and well-being of his clients and their families.  


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:53 All about red light

    4:29 Pop Quiz of the day

    8:04 Scott Kennedy’s bio

    9:15 Welcome Scott to the podcast

    10:21 What’s new with red light?

    12:11 Where did red light get started?

    13:39 How it supports hair growth

    14:58 Local vs Systemic treatment

    18:55 Getting the best bang for your buck

    20:45 Panel vs PBM beds

    23:40 Why do we need red light therapy?

    26:47 Pulsing Light explained

    30:01 Does pulsing exist in nature?

    32:49 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    34:58 What disrupts the nitric oxide pathway?

    37:14 Benefits of higher frequencies

    40:41 Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

    42:24 Lauren’s cold sores

    45:35 The issue with cheaper devices

    49:12 Warranty of LightPathLED

    50:37 Near Infrared vs Red light

    51:52 Hormesis & red light

    56:53 Combining red light + methylene blue

    1:00:34 Best practices

    1:06:31 His finale piece of advice

    1:07:25 Where to find him

    1:07:52 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: LightPathLED.com

    IG: LightPathLED

    Facebook: Red Light for Beginners

    10% off code: BIOHACKERBABES

     5-DAY PROMO: Free torch with any diesel tabletop, Shortie, large, XL purchase!!!

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    1h 8m | Aug 7, 2023
  • Q&A: GLP-1 & Ozempic, Microdosing Stacks, Kratom & Kava, NAD Patches, and Reflections from the 9th Annual Biohacking Conference

    Join us for a Biohacker Babes Q&A episode where we share our reflections from the recent Biohacking Conference, thoughts on GLP-1 agonists for weight loss, a new alcohol alternative, microdosing protocols, our current personal health challenges, and more!


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    2:25 Reflections from The Biohacking Conference

    4:30 Biohacks we enjoyed

    7:50 AmpCoil & BeLovedNow

    12:22 GOT MOLD?

    13:58 Fully Sustainable Homes (off the grid)

    14:51 Our feedback and criticism

    16:09 Learning how to be a Biohacker

    17:46 Lack of female representation

    18:49 Shock-value, blanket statements!

    23:20 Making health more accessible

    25:30 GLP-1 & Weight Loss

    31:40 Habits Coaching

    32:30 Why people choose the easy route

    34:20 Root Causes/Drivers of GLP-1

    35:35 Renee’s story about eating alone

    37:05 Chewing & Satiety

    38:22 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    40:33 GLP-1, Bitters & Omegas

    43:45 Botanicals & GLP-1 Signaling

    44:50 Protein powders & Amino Acids

    45:58 Diabetes is preventable

    48:31 Renee’s Biohacking corner: Kratom & Kava

    50:54 More deep sleep with alcohol

    53:32 Microdosing stacks & protocols

    59:27 Our current health challenges

    1:08:01 Thanks for tuning in!


    The Biohacking Conference



    GotMold? Test - Discount code: BIOHACKERBABES10

    Sustainable Living: galtswalks.com

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    GLP-1 Support:

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    Organic Dietary Bitters

    Paleo Valley Fish Roe (Omega)- code: biohackerbabes15 

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    Kion Essential Amino Acids - code: BIOBABES

    Kratom/Kava New Brew

    Microdosing Stack: found on Fullscript

    LandKind Salidroside - Save 15% with code BIOHACKERBABES

    ION Layer NAD Patches - code: BIOHACKERBABES

    EightSleep Cooling Mattress - code: BIOHACKERBABES

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  • Biological Dentistry with Dr. Gene Sambataro l A Comprehensive Approach to Root Canals, Cavitations, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Poor Jaw and Tongue Posture and more with Julian Dentist

    We are thrilled to bring you this conversation with Dr. Gene Sambataro (our Dad & OG biohacker!) where we take a deeper look into biological dentistry and dental sleep medicine. This is his third time on the podcast so make sure you go back and check out the previous episodes - #10 "The Root of It All" and #136 "Sleep Apnea, Nutrition for Oral Health & Biohacking for Families". In today's episode we discuss how we can address sleep issues, the benefits of running a home sleep study, alternatives to CPAPs for sleep apnea, the dangers of root canals and mouthtaping, the health benefits of breastfeeding and more!

    Dr. Gene Sambataro has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years with special interests in orthodontics, dental orthopedics, temporomandibular joint disorder, sleep disordered breathing and implantology. He graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 1980 and soon after started incorporating a more holistic approach to his practice. 

    Dr. Sambataro strives to educate his patients on how they can make healthier decisions in their lives, as well as sharing his knowledge around toxic-free dentistry, which avoids mercury amalgam fillings, fluoride, and toxic root canals. Nearly 80% of all illnesses can be connected to infections, toxicities, and imbalances in the mouth, which is one of the reasons he is so passionate about practicing Biological (or Holistic) Dentistry. 

    A few of his affiliations include the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, the Holistic Dental Association, and the International Dental Implant Association. He is also a Board Member for the Maryland Society of Integrative Medicine and the author of “Stop the Snore, Dental Solutions to Healthy Sleep.” He is currently enrolled in the PhD program in Quantum Morphogenetic Physic and Science through the Bioregenesis Academy and just released his newest book, “Your Guide to Holistic Dental Implants: The Permanent Solution for Missing or Lost Teeth.” 


    0:59 Welcome to the show!

    1:51 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:30 About today’s episode

    5:54 Dr. Gene Sambataro’s Bio

    7:20 Welcome him to the podcast

    10:02 His global perspective of dentistry

    13:28 Car mechanic analogy

    15:03 How to address sleep issues

    17:01 Home Sleep Study results

    17:31 Stigma around snoring

    18:36 Oxygen Saturation & data collection

    20:41 Giving patients oxygen during treatment

    21:13 Headaches & Symptoms of Hypoxia

    22:14 There is no Panacea

    23:32 CPAPs & Appliance Alternatives

    26:35 Benefits of Breastfeeding

    28:28 Healthy Start program for supporting children

    31:54 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    34:03 Lauren’s thumb-sucking

    36:39 Primary reason for poor tongue posture

    39:17 Myo-functional Therapy

    42:29 If you can’t breastfeed + tongue ties

    47:05 Benefits of Chewing for teeth & jaws

    50:10 Sucking & Wrinkles

    51:49 Issues with Apnea-Hypopnea Index 

    54:38 What’s worse: sleep apnea or insomnia?

    58:32 Julian Center’s comprehensive approach

    59:57 Cavitations & Root Canals

    1:02:09 Is there such thing as a healthy root canal?

    1:07:02 Symmetry, Nitric Oxide & Blood Pressure

    1:13:18 The influence of mold exposure

    1:04:24 3D Cone Beam as a diagnostic

    1:19:16 Alignment of the jaw and face structure

    1:22:13 His final piece of advice

    1:23:51 Where to find him

    1:25:17 Thanks for tuning in!


    Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry - juliandentist.com

    Julian Center for Dental Implants

    Julian Center for Effortless Sleep

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    1h 26m | Jul 24, 2023
  • The Power of Melatonin Beyond Sleep, Optimizing Hormones Across the Female Life Cycle, and Understanding Inflammation with Dr. Deanna Minich

    We are thrilled to have Dr. Deanna Minich back on the podcast this week! During our previous episode together we discussed the many health benefits of color in our diet and environment, as well as an introduction to the use of melatonin supplementation for more than sleep. Today we take a deeper dive into the powerful benefits of melatonin, including its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Deanna also shares insights into hormonal health for women and how we can easily transition through menopause.

    Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, CNS, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP), is a nutrition scientist, international lecturer, educator, and author, with over twenty years of experience in academia and in the food and dietary supplement industries, currently serving as Chief Science Officer at Symphony Natural Health. She has been active as a functional medicine clinician in clinical trials and in her own practice (Food & Spirit™). She is the author of six consumer books on wellness topics, four book chapters, and over fifty scientific publications. Her academic background is in nutrition science, including a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Illinois at Chicago (1995) and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Medical Sciences from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (1999). She has served on the Nutrition Advisory Board for The Institute of Functional Medicine and on the Board of Directors for the American Nutrition Association. Currently, she teaches for the Institute for Functional Medicine, University of Western States, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Institute for Brain Potential. Through her talks, workshops, groups, and in-person retreats, she helps people to practically and artfully transform their lives through nutrition and lifestyle. 


    0:58 Welcome to the show!

    1:29 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:56 Today’s interview topics

    4:26 Deanna Minich’s bio

    5:38 Welcome her to the podcast!

    6:28 Melatonin: not a sleep supplement

    7:08 The benefits of Melatonin

    10:11 Dementia, Melatonin, and Glutathione

    12:33 Genetic risk for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & Sleep

    14:03 Decline in Melatonin from childhood to adulthood

    14:35 Inverse relationship with hormones & cardiovascular risk

    16:55 *Magic Mind*

    19:06 Supporting hormones with Protein

    20:12 Benefits of dietary fat & cholesterol

    20:57 Integrating plants + Maca benefits

    23:24 Gut Health & Hormone Metabolism

    24:36 Her biggest health surprise 

    27:19 Bone loss & Perimenopause

    29:20 The body gives us communication

    30:10 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    32:31 Leaning into hormonal changes & fluctuations

    38:37 The Importance of Purpose & Creativity

    41:35 The Heroine’s Journey

    43:01 Releasing control through the female cycle

    46:00 Inflammation & correlating phenotypes

    51:21 Netflix show “Beef”

    53:05 How to dose Herbatonin melatonin

    58:32 Her final piece of advice

    59:53 Where to find her

    1:00:13 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: deannaminich.com

    Certification Program: www.foodandspirit.com

    Whole Detox: www.whole-detox.com

     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deanna.minich/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deannaminich/

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/foodandspirit/

    Workbook: The Heroine’s Journey - Maureen May

    Herbatonin - Symphony Natural Health

    Paper: Is Phytomelatonin Complex Better Than Synthetic Melatonin?

    Is Melatonin the Next Vitamin D?

    Magic Mind.com/reneelauren - code: RENEELAUREN20 to save 50% in next 10 days

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    1h 1m | Jul 17, 2023
  • Adalina East: Transformational Healing for Trauma, Inflammation, Hormonal Imbalances and More l The Benefits of Polyvagal Toning, EMDR Therapy, and Getting to the Root Cause of Trauma

    We are joined by Adalina East, the founder of the Transformational Healing Program, as well as mental health and leadership expert. We discuss polyvagal theory & toning, how she uses EMDR therapy with clients, how we can address different traumas, learning to protect ourselves from surrounding negative energy, the link between emotions and the physical body, and more!

    Adalina East, M.S., is an international lecturer, mental health and leadership expert and multi-dimensional mentor, working with a global clientele to recover from trauma and bring forth innovative methods of healing. Founder of Transformational Healing™, Adalina draws upon her neuroscience and counseling backgrounds, as well as her spiritual gifts to lead others through a neuroscience-backed process to retrain their brains, creating profound change. Adalina’s decade long career with the United Nations and other humanitarian aid organizations brought her to serve thousands of people in eight countries to overcome trauma and lead others to do the same.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:15 Pop Quiz of the Day

    4:10 About Adalina East

    5:00 Welcome her to the podcast!

    6:38 How did she get here?

    10:24 Her Transformational Healing Program

    11:18 Polyvagal Theory & Toning

    12:40 EMDR Trauma Therapy

    14:48 How to we begin to uncover trauma?

    15:20 Fertility & Hormonal Imbalances

    17:37 No such thing as “Little T” Trauma

    18:08 Headaches & Digestive Issues

    19:10 Why “I’m Okay” is detrimental

    21:36 How can we start listening to the body

    25:02 Patience in training Intuition

    26:48 Connecting symptoms to our body’s communication

    28:48 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    29:59 How do we protect ourselves from negative energy?

    35:14 Recognizing the mirror & Rewriting the Story

    39:52 Using diagnostics in the coaching process

    42:05 Renee’s brain scans & vivid dreaming

    45:14 *The Quantified Collective*

    47:15 Root Cause Therapy & Epigenetics

    49:45 Inflammation & Trauma

    53:48 Connection between leaky gut & emotional trauma

    57:33 Her story about dental issues

    59:09 Her final piece of advice

    1:00:07 Where to find her

    1:00:32 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: AdalinaEast.com

    IG: @adalinaeast

    Podcast: Host of Cosmic Leadership 

    Carolyn Moss - Anatomy of the Spirit

    Vagus Nerve class

    Magnesium Breakthrough - code: biohackerbabes10

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    1h 1m | Jul 10, 2023
  • Dr. Wendie Trubow: Ditch the Toxins and Feel Amazing l Powerful Strategies for Detoxification of Environmental Toxins, Heavy Metals, Gluten & Endocrine Disruptors

    Dr. Wendie Trubow joins us for a fascinating conversation on environmental and food toxins and what we can do about it to thrive in this toxic world. We absolutely love her approach when it comes to avoiding toxins and supporting the detoxification process within the body. Tune in for her incredible, practical tips you can start incorporating right away!

    Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, IFM certified practitioner, is passionate about helping women optimize their health and lives as a functional medicine gynecologist. Through her struggles with mold and metal toxicity, Celiac disease, and other health issues, Trubow has developed a deep sense of compassion and expertise for what her patients are facing. 

    She is the co-author of Dirty Girl: Ditch the Toxins, Look Great, and Feel Freaking Amazing and has been regularly featured in MindBodyGreen and Huffington Post.

    She is an accomplished speaker and previously had her own television show. She is on the faculty at A4M and a speaker for their conferences, along with other national societies. She and her partner will be releasing their next book in mid-2023.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:24 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:56 Today’s interview

    6:19 Dr. Wendie Trubow’s bio

    7:04 Welcome Dr. Wendie to the podcast!

    8:05 What are the biggest myths around detox?

    9:02 Does a 1-day cleanse actually help?

    10:59 How do we know how much support we need?

    14:06 Her Celiac diagnosis & Gluten intake

    17:53 Gluten in the 1950s

    20:20 Delayed sensitivities from gluten

    23:25 Should we avoid gluten altogether?

    25:04 Additional food toxins & allergens

    27:20 Testing biomarkers to confirm progress

    29:39 Lauren’s experience with gluten in college

    31:02 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    33:00 How long does gluten stay in the body?

    35:29 Her heavy metal & toxic exposure in Paris

    39:28 Testing for environmental toxins & mycotoxins

    44:25 Renee’s experience with heavy metals

    45:36 *Quantified Collective*

    47:37 How to prioritize lifestyle & nutrition changes

    56:23 Stop “should” yourself & releasing perfectionism

    59:15 Her final piece of advice

    1:00:21 Where to find her

    1:01:01 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: fivejourneys.com

    Facebook: fivejourneys

    Instagram: @5journeyshealth

    Twitter: @5JourneysHealth

    Book: Dirty Girl by Dr. Wendie Trubow

    Complete Liver Complex - Level Up Health

    Sleep Breakthrough - Discount code: biohackerbabes10

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    1h 1m | Jul 3, 2023
  • Q&A: Is Biohacking a Trend? Echo Chambers, Our Favorite Wearables, Plant Teachers, Current Nof1 Experiments, and Special Guests Reveal Their Favorite Biohacks and Wellness Discoveries

    Welcome to episode 200! We had a blast sitting down and talking about our past & current favorite biohacks, our greatest personal lessons in the health space over the years, our #1 wearable device, biohacks that we wish would go away, what we're currently experimenting with, and what we think (and hope) to see in the future. We also had the opportunity to sit down with family & friends to ask what their favorite biohack is and their favorite health advice. Tune in for our final episode of season 8! And don't worry, we'll be back with season 9 very soon.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:56 Revisiting our first episode ever

    3:31 Is Biohacking a trend?

    6:25 Today’s podcast flow

    7:55 Plant teachers & more “being”

    12:42 Eating disorders, control & addictions

    14:15 Prescriptive health coaching & personal training

    18:02 Digestive enzymes for all?

    20:22 Past vs Current favorite biohacks

    21:21 Supporting digestion & fat metabolism

    22:54 Cold Exposure and it’s benefits

    22:57 Our #1 Data Wearable choice

    27:18 OURA Ring during illness

    29:57 Mouth Taping

    31:46 Mouth vs Nasal Breathing

    35:29 Echo chambers in health & wellness

    37:38 The Biohacking Graveyard

    40:58 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    42:48 Part 2: Guest Interviews

    43:05 Jeremy Woodard

    47:08 Mollie Eastman

    50:15 Freddie Kimmel

    52:58 Ryan Belz

    55:30 Amber Cesare

    57:13 Cindy Sambataro

    57:45 Dr. Gene Sambataro

    59:32 Our Great Aunt Kay

    1:00:12 Ann Gardiner

    1:03:06 Part 3: Biohacking Forecast

    1:03:37 Full-spectrum CBD

    1:05:30 NAD Patches & IM Injections

    1:08:22 Sleep experiments & CGMs

    1:09:55 Strains for Microdosing 

    1:11:55 What we wish / hope to see soon

    1:12:29 Continuous Insulin Monitors

    1:14:40 Season 9 Coming Soon

    1:15:10 Join the Quantified Collective


    Mycology Psychology


    BiOptimizers Masszymes - Save 10% with code: BIOHACKERBABES

    OURA Ring - Save $50!

    Levels CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor - code: BIOHACKERBABES

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    Beautifully Broken Podcast

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    1h 18m | Jun 19, 2023
  • The Benefits of Glucose Monitoring for Short and Long-Term Metabolic Health l Catherine Staffieri of Nutrisense

    Today we are talking about one of our favorite topics... glucose monitoring for health optimization! Our guest, Catherine Staffieri, is extremely knowledgeable with the use of CGMs to improve overall health, and more specifically how women can use it to optimize hormones. Tune in to learn what's causing your afternoon energy slump, how poor sleep affects glucose, tips for getting off the glucose rollercoaster, cycle syncing your macros throughout the month, and more!

    Catherine is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist currently working as a Nutrition Manager at Nutrisense, one of the fastest growing health-tech start-ups aimed to help anyone discover and reach their health potential. Catherine has counseled thousands of clients on their glucose scores reviewing over 750,000 hours of glucose data and recorded meals in the process while recommending nutritional adjustments to improve metabolic health. 

    She holds a Masters in Nutrition Education from Columbia University and completed her undergrad work at the University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys cooking, spending time with her 3 kids, traveling, and being active. Catherine’s philosophy is that you’re never too old to make changes in your life to better your mind, your body and your well being.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:28 Pop Quiz of the Day

    5:45 Today’s topic: Continuous Glucose Monitors

    7:44 Nutrisense offer

    8:01 Catherine Staffieri’s bio

    8:45 Welcome her to the show

    9:43 Why are CGMs beneficial?

    10:55 Short-term benefits

    13:49 Lab draws vs real-time feedback

    15:28 The afternoon slump: energy and glucose

    17:59 How poor sleep affect’s glucose

    19:15 Reactive Hypoglycemia

    21:35 How do we get off the glucose rollercoaster?

    22:15 Renee’s story about walking post-meal

    24:01 Glucose practices around the world

    24:46 Caffeine and glucose

    27:20 The Nof1 Experiment

    27:50 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    29:51 Nighttime glucose dips

    33:53 How to dose carbohydrates

    36:44 Spikes from “healthy” foods

    41:25 Inflammation, Autoimmune & Gut Health

    42:44 *LightPath LED*

    46:00 Women’s hormones & glucose

    48:29 Troubleshooting irregular cycles

    51:48 Should we change macros throughout the month?

    53:10 How can men integrate diet variability?

    55:20 Men, testosterone & fasting

    56:55 Endurance training & glucose

    1:01:41 Peri & Post-Menopause glucose control

    1:05:33 Her final piece of advice

    1:06:32 Where to find her

    1:07:28 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: Nutrisense - Save $25 with discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Instagram: @nutrisenseio

    Catherine's Instagram: @cstaffieri_rd

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    1h 8m | Jun 12, 2023
  • Avoiding Surgery and Managing Pain with Stem Cells & Regenerative Therapies l Recellebrate Your Body with Dr. Jeffrey Gross

    Join us for this powerful discussion with Dr. Jeffrey Gross, a neurosurgeon and regenerative medicine expert. He is on a mission to get the message out in regards to the blossoming field of anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and spinal disc regeneration. Dr. Gross has been featured in the scientific community and is currently working on an anti-aging book called "Young Again." He shares the biggest drivers for chronic pain, the role of inflammaging, top lifestyle recommendations, the use of stem cells & exosomes, and more on precision medicine care.

    A board-certified and fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, Dr. Gross is the Owner of SPINE, and a regenerative medicine practice called ReCELLebrate, is seeing patients in Orange County, California, and in Henderson, Nevada, as well as remotely by computer video conference. In his practice, he offers specialized precision and concierge treatment options for patients with neck and/or back problems, as well as brain and head injuries. He provides a comprehensive approach to evaluating the pain generators of the spine and associated areas, and digs deeper to find the source of the problem when identifying the root issues of persistent pain and injuries. 


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:20 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:35 Addressing dopamine addictions

    4:38 Today’s topic: Regenerative Medicine

    6:36 Dr. Jeffrey Gross’ bio

    8:43 Welcome him to the show!

    9:45 How often are we performing unnecessary surgeries?

    11:12 Renee’s spine injury

    13:00 What is causing chronic pain?

    14:55 Is inflamm-aging the biggest cause?

    16:12 What have we gotten wrong about movement?

    17:32 Healthspan Summit

    18:15 Alzheimer’s prevention

    19:40 Our Great Aunt Kay

    20:12 Number two pillar: nutrition

    21:20 Supplements to support inflammation

    22:48 What happens to our stem cells as we age?

    25:10 Different levels of Regenerative Medicine

    26:08 The Vampire Facial

    26:23 Injecting Stem Cells

    29:47 *LightPath LED*

    33:02 All about Exosomes

    38:15 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    40:04 How are the Exosomes delivered?

    41:45 Treating spine degeneration

    45:10 Our Dad’s knee surgery

    46:32 Addressing nerve involvement & PAIN

    50:13 Building good abdominal strength

    57:16 Additional biohacks to support recovery 

    1:01:10 Exosome injections & supplements

    1:05:07 His final piece of advice

    1:06:00 Where to find Dr. Gross

    1:07:42 Thanks for tuning in!


    Podcasts: Recellebrate Stem Cells

    Blogs: https://recellebrate.com/blog/

    Fun promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFQDMTfw1rE

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    1h 8m | Jun 5, 2023
  • Optimizing Heart Rate Variability for Performance & Longevity with Don Moxley l Insights Into the Best Time for Testing HRV and the Essential Lifestyle Factors to Help Increase Your Resilience

    Join us for a deep dive into the science of performance and longevity with Don Moxley, a sports scientist and HRV expert. He shares powerful insights into HRV testing for athletes, the best time to test HRV for a recovery assessment, the essential lifestyle factors to increase HRV, the role of cannabinoids & inflammation, and more!

    Don Moxley is Director of Applied Science at Longevity Labs Inc. in the United States. Dedicated to helping people live vibrant, fulfilling lives at all ages, Moxley draws upon his career as an professor of exercise physiology, athlete, a sports scientist, to lead and educate on the science of performance, autophagy and longevity. Don is a regarded longevity science leader known for making the complex simple.

    Whether it’s a one-on-one podcast interview heard by thousands, a presentation at a wellness conference or plain talk to people who want to live their best lives as they grow older, Don personal mission, helping individuals understand the changes necessary to alleviate suffering and contribute to the betterment of well people, all based in the most up-to-date science of human performance. 

    Throughout his life and career, Moxley has applied science to enhancing human performance. A former captain and Big 10 Champion with the Ohio State University wrestling team, Don then went on to serve as the university’s first sport scientist. By giving athletes the ability to track their progress in strength, cardiovascular and resilience training, he helped the wrestling team win a national title and three Big 10 Championships. He has helped athletes achieve two Olympic medals, four World Championships, seven National Championships and 23 All-Americans.

    Moxley has been married to his wife Laura since 1990. They sold their home in Granville Ohio and moved full time into a 43' fifth wheel trailer and are exploring the United States giving their next home a chance to find them. When he’s not sharing knowledge about HRV, spermidine, cell renewal or longevity, he’s studying human performance.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:49 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:20 Biggest contributors to high HRV

    4:11 Today’s topic: Heart Rate Variability

    6:47 Don Moxley’s bio

    7:47 Welcome Don to the podcast!

    8:54 His experience in looking at HRV

    9:48 How it was discovered in Russia

    11:55 Should we check HRV during a workout?

    14:16 Measuring HRV at night & true recovery

    16:45 How poker players are using HRV

    17:20 Using HRV testing in athletes

    22:42 Study on police officers & HRV

    24:53 Emotional & survival responses

    29:09 Impact of video games

    31:07 *LightPathLED*

    34:23 Renee’s glucose

    34:47 Relationship between training & HRV

    38:44 Psychological state of flow

    39:44 “Key Rocks in the Jar” for HRV

    48:17 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    47:00 Cleaning up your environment

    47:58 Why live to 100?

    52:56 How do we increase access to health?

    55:35 Increasing motivation & self-love

    1:02:08 Cannabinoids & HRV

    1:10:12 Getting started with Mode + Method

    1:12:36 Is inflammation the mechanism of action?

    1:17:49 His Olympic gold medalist

    1:21:50 Sleeping with a partner & “Sleep Divorce”

    1:24:31 His final piece of advice

    1:25:42 Thanks for tuning in!


    Instagram: @mode.method

    Facebook: Mode + Method

    Twitter: @longevity_labs

    Website: modemethod.com

    SHOP NOW! Coupon Code: BIOHACKERBABES15 (15% off all products + subscriptions)

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    1h 26m | May 30, 2023
  • Staying Alive and Thriving in a Toxic World l Full Body Detoxification & Heavy Metal Support with Katrine Volynsky

    We are thrilled to bring you this conversation with our good friend and fellow biohacker, Katrine Volynsky. She has an incredible healing journey, which has taught her invaluable information in the holistic health space and she is now on a mission to help others achieve optimal health. We discuss the potential dangers of solar radiation, the toxins lurking in our environment, practical strategies to protect ourselves and the next generation, as well as insight into NAD+ therapy as a next-level biohack.

    Katrine Volynsky is an author, health researcher, sports nutritionist, wellness coach, and heavy metals detoxification specialist with training in nutrigenomics, peptide therapy, NAD+ therapy , Ozone therapy and various mobility and movement practices who helps individuals achieve their health goals through a combination of state-of-the-art technology, nutrition, stress management and holistic healing.

    After being negatively affected by radiation fallout from Chernobyl, she had to find her path to health and gained a vast knowledge of natural methods for detoxifying and rebuilding the body. She co-founded the Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences with Wade Lightheart, CEO of Bioptimizers, to continue alternative health research and to promote preventative health care. She has authored several books and regularly lectures on the topics of detox, radiation protection, enzyme therapy, nutrigenomics, fasting, women's biohacking, and nervous system regulation.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:05 Katrine Volynsky’s bio

    4:14 Welcome her to the podcast!

    5:15 Her history & childhood in Chernobyl

    9:23 Medications weren’t fixing the problem

    11:50 Her experience with Veganism & Raw food

    15:04 All about solar radiation

    25:02 The uptick in mold exposure

    27:57 How to support the shift in consciousness

    30:08 Supporting our children

    33:02 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    35:06 Decreased longevity in children today

    36:10 How to support heavy metal detoxification

    38:18 Nutrigenomics and methylation pathways

    42:13 Accessibility of Continuous Glucose Monitors 

    44:01 Detoxing Water & Air in the home

    49:42 *LightPath LED*

    53:00 Kitchen & Personal Cleaning Products

    54:14 Organic mattresses

    56:10 Clean-sourced seafood & meats

    1:00:42 What supplements are helpful?

    1:04:31 Whole Body Detox support

    1:10:01 Habit stacking for detox

    1:12:17 NAD IVs

    1:16:20 About VSELS

    1:19:53 Her final piece of advice

    1:20:40 Where to find her

    1:22:58 Her metals-free chocolate

    1:22:29 Thanks for tuning in!


    Her website: www.katrinevolynsky.com


    IG: Katrine Volynsky

    Space Weather

    Levels CGM

    IG: Detox Doc - Dr. Steph Young

    Koniver Wellness - Dr. Craig Koniver

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    Clean, Sustainable Food:

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    Citrus Pectin 

    Spirulina & Chlorella


    *available on FullScript

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    1h 23m | May 22, 2023
  • Biohacker Roundtable: How to Get the Most Out of Your Wearable Data l Best Practices and Our Favorite Devices with Dr. Jay Wiles & Mollie Eastman

    Welcome back for our 4th roundtable episode with Dr. Jay Wiles and Mollie Eastman! In this episode, we discuss everything related to data... our personal approaches, our top biohacks, advice for clients, data sovereignty, and more.

    Dr. Jay T. Wiles is a clinical health psychologist, currently working as the Health Behavior Coordinator at WJB Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, SC and the Greenville Outpatient VA Clinic. He has specialized training in health behavior coaching, health assessment, nutritional interventions for mental and physical health, Motivational Interviewing, applied psychophysiology, and consultation. Dr. Wiles works as a consultant for companies/organizations, practitioners, and individual patients on nutritional psychology, health behavior change, applied psychophysiology, and health promotion/disease prevention via complementary and integrative practices. He is also Board Certified in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation. 

    Mollie Eastman (McGlocklin) is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill, and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. Sleep Is A Skill is a company that optimizes people’s sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change. After navigating insomnia while traveling internationally, she created what she couldn’t find - a place to go to learn the skill set of sleep. With a background in behavioral change from The Nonverbal Group, she became fascinated with chronobiology and its practical application to sleep and our overall experience of life. Knowing the difference between a life with sleep and without, she’s now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep. In the spirit of that goal, she has created the #2 sleep podcast, written a popular weekly sleep newsletter for over four years, partnered with luxury hotels & lifestyle brands, and has appeared on over 150 podcasts.


    0:51 Welcome to the Biohacker Babes

    1:33 About today’s episode

    2:57 Welcome to the Roundtable!

    4:54 Dr. Jay’s approach to data

    6:34 Fitness for Longevity & VO2Max

    7:48 The wearables he predominantly uses

    9:58 How to increase Max Oxygen Consumption

    15:17 The psychology of hard work

    16:30 Limitless on Disney+

    18:21 Testing Biomarkers before and after VO2max training

    22:01 Renee on the Natural Cycle wearables

    24:25 Lauren on Continuous Glucose Monitor

    25:49 Lauren’s new Microdosing Protocol

    27:30 Dr Jay on values-driven goals

    30:24 *LightPathLED*

    33:38 Micro vs Macro Goals

    34:21 Mollie’s view on the “why” of data

    26:05 Mollie’s new walking goals

    38:03 The new Smart Toilet

    39:40 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    41:31 Renee on stress and longevity

    43:26 Dr. Jay on stress as the “red-headed step child”

    46:45 Hanu HRV biometrics & emotional health

    50:29 Lauren on the over-destigmatization of mental health

    53:23 Renee on data sovereignty

    55:05 Hanu’s protected data & Dr. Jay’s opinion of access

    59:22 Renee’s opinion on data advertising

    1:00:05 Mollie on being an informed consumer

    1:03:11 Dr. Jay’s policy on checking data

    1:06:15 Lauren’s on training for the “off-season”

    1:08:20 Renee’s advice on knowing yourself

    1:11:23 Mollie’s nighttime iPad

    1:15:01 Thanks for tuning in!


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    Mollie Eastman Website

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  • Lengthen Your Healthspan & Do Not Age with Behavioral, Nutritional and Supplement Strategies

    Today we are talking about extending our healthspan & longevity with Alan Graves, the CEO of Do Not Age! He shares his thoughts on the Longevity Escape Velocity theory, which is the idea that one's remaining life expectancy will be extended longer than the time that is passing. Some experts claim we will be there by 2036, although Alan disagrees! We dive into some of the top anti-aging nutrients on the market such as NMN, Resveratrol, Apigenin, and SIRT-6, as well as the important lifestyle factors that will support a long healthy life.

    Alan Graves is the CEO of DoNotAge.org, a global health research organization and the largest NMN supplier in the world.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:55 Pop Quiz of the Day

    4:15 Today’s interview topic

    6:56 Alan Graves’ Bio

    7:18 Welcome him to the podcast

    8:15 His goal for longevity & definition of health

    9:54 Thoughts on “Longevity Escape Velocity Theory”

    11:53 What behavioral choices are the most powerful?

    12:47 Advice on diet, macros & micronutrients

    14:19 Hormetic Stressors, ie: Resveratrol

    15:14 Supplements vs Diet

    17:01 Offsetting jet lag with Creatine & NMN

    19:35 Stem Cells

    20:52 Testing with Do Not Age

    21:33 NAD Explained

    23:10 Lauren & Renee’s experience with NAD

    24:19 NAD vs NMN vs NR

    26:36 Do we need to supplement forever?

    28:11 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    30:15 The importance of supplement routines

    33:05 Benefits & Dosing for Resveratrol

    35:05 What are Sirloins?

    38:24 Sirt-6 & Cancer [see video for study]

    42:05 What one supplement will help us live forever?

    42:31 *LightPath LED*

    45:46 Avoiding medical advice

    46:49 Long-term need for support

    47:17 Supplementing with TMG

    49:02 Starter Pack & Quercitin

    51:18 DoNotAge Quality & Sourcing

    55:50 How to get started

    58:33 His final piece of advice

    59:24 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: DoNotAge.org - Discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Instagram: Do.Not.Age

    Facebook: Do Not Age

    Twitter: Do Not Age

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  • Optimizing Your Epigenetic Triggers - Your DNA, Your Life with Cee McDermott, Functional Genomics Coach

    We are joined by Cee McDermott, a Precision Wellness Practitioner, who leads high achievers to wellness and enhanced cognition through epigenetic and lifestyle modifications. In this episode, we discuss the biggest variables for turning our genes off and on, specific genes for fat metabolism, the impact cold & heat therapy can have on our genes, psychedelics & genetic variants, tips for raising healthy children, the newest longevity research, the importance of mindset for overall health, and more!

    Cee McDermott is a Precision Wellness Practitioner based in New Jersey. Cee focuses on preventing disease and optimizing lifestyle through nutrition, behavior change, mindset, and stress management. Cee is a Cognitive Health Specialist, a Behavior Change Expert, a Certified Personal Trainer, a certified Genomics coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher, the founder of Cee McDermott Genomics, and the author of the International Bestselling book Your DNA, Your LIfe. Cee currently runs the operations of Apeiron Genomics LLC and is continually expanding her genomic and epigenetic knowledge through education and personal experience.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    2:01 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:20 About today’s episode

    6:12 Cee McDermott’s bio

    6:56 Welcome her to the podcast!

    7:37 What are the biggest variables for turning our genes off or on?

    9:30 How to optimize Sleep Chronotypes

    11:34 The CLOCK gene

    13:30 FTO & APOE-3/4 genes & fat

    16:15 How to get started with genetics?

    19:51 Cold & Heat Therapy

    23:21 Additional triggers of epigenetics

    24:42 Exposure to dental amalgams

    28:02 *Paleo Valley*

    30:25 What early-childhood variables are important?

    35:26 Psychedelics & Genetics

    38:32 Renee’s story about THC

    40:35 Apeiron’s genetic panels

    42:01 New Longevity research

    46:48 How will social isolation affect our children?

    49:25 Renee’s story about kids in our family

    50:25 Advice on supporting our children with tech

    54:18 Renee’s story about the Blue Zones

    56:45 Mindset advice in her book

    1:01:55 How we share microbiomes

    1:02:57 Her final piece of advice

    1:03:43 Where to find her

    1:04:14 Thanks for tuning in


    Website: www.ceemcdermott.com

    IG: Cee_McDermott

    Book: Your DNA, Your Life

    Apeiron Genetic Testing

    PaleoValley - Save 15% with this link!

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Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro