Healing Anxiety & Infertility Through Metabolic Health & Environmental Clean-Up with Eryn Knight

Season 10 | Episode 243
1h 1m | Apr 29, 2024

In this captivating episode, we dive into the remarkable journey of Eryn Knight, a biohacker, devoted mother, and determined entrepreneur. Eryn generously shares her personal story, from battling anxiety to confronting infertility, and how she harnessed holistic methods to overcome these challenges. At the heart of Eryn's narrative is her transformative experience with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). She unveils how this cutting-edge technology became a pivotal tool in her fight against anxiety. But her story doesn't stop there. She candidly discusses her struggle with infertility and the realization that environmental toxins were playing a role. Eryn's resilience and resourcefulness serve as an inspiring testament to the power of biohacking to reclaim one's health.


0:51: Welcome to the show!

2:55 Dangers of Plastics

5:04 Eryn Knight’s Bio

6:02 Welcome Eryn to the podcast!

7:12 The connection between blood sugar & anxiety

11:52 How to know if using a CGM is for you

14:51 Considering bioindividuality & behavioral tips for glucose control

18:12 How to reduce anxiety for kids

20:45 Meal Timing & Sleep Quality

23:49 What happens to blood sugar when you consume alcohol

26:52 Preventing cardiac events with data

30:04 Tracking menstrual cycles with & cycling carbs across the month

34:33 Biohacking fertility

37:08 Dangers of PFAS & Plastics

48:46 Research on Infertility Stats

51:13 Sperm-quality at-home test 

52:41 Optimizing fertility: where to begin

59:30 Her final piece of advice

1:00:59 Thanks for tuning in!




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