Lifespanning: Harnessing Science Intuition & Ancestral Practices l Minimalist Biohacking with Pioneer Biohacker Jean Fallacara

Season 10 | Episode 238
1h 7m | Mar 25, 2024

In our latest episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of lifespanning with renowned expert Jean Fallacara. Lifespanning, as Jean explains, isn't just about extending life, but about optimizing the quality and vitality of years we have. We discuss the significance of foundational behaviors, highlighting how simple yet crucial habits lay the groundwork for a flourishing life. Jean also shares how we can tap into our innate intuition to make better health decisions, rather than relying on data and wearables forever. Join us for this thought-provoking journey into the realm of lifespanning, biohacking, biological age testing, and more in our quest for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Passionate about marrying science + art + technology. Big on the details and pushing the envelope. Pioneer biohacker and champion of lifespan extension. Thrives on humility, sophistication and vitality.

Jean has earned the distinction of academic excellence, biotech engineering honors and advanced technology applications from MIT in Boston. Jean’s authority as a biotech industry heavyweight and pioneer biohacker set the stage for business expansion and market domination specific to the global well-being movement and longevity exploration. As the Founder of Lifespanning Media, Jean is venturing into the realm of where science, art, health, and technology converge - championing the philosophy of "Lifespanning."


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:49 Jean Fallacara’s bio

4:45 Welcome Jean to the podcast

5:56 What is Lifespanning?

8:37 Foundational, natural behaviors

12:32 Harnessing Intuition

14:10 Not being a slave to wearables

18:09 How Jean got into Biohacking

21:36 Effect of music on the brain

23:48 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

25:21 The subconscious attraction to music

30:29 Music + Breathing for Anxiety & PTSD

32:23 Livelong Summit Takeaways

37:50 Does fear propel aging?

40:42 Biological Age as your Credit Score

45:45 Screening for Chronic Disease

49:42 Presence & Compassion

56:46 His fitness philosophy

1:01:52 His final piece of advice

1:05:21 Where to find him

1:06:22 Thanks for tuning in!



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