Mastering the Art of Sleep for Healthy Aging & Travel: Tips, Hacks & Biohacking Insights

Season 10 | Episode 247
1h 23m | May 27, 2024

Join us for a fun roundtable episode all about SLEEP with our friends and fellow biohackers, Nathalie Niddam and Kristin Weitzel! Our discussion focuses on common sleep issues, strategies for biohacking sleep while traveling, and our top recommendations for creating the optimal sleep environment. Whether you're struggling with falling asleep, frequent waking during the night, or not feeling rested despite getting enough hours of sleep... this episode is for you! We share our personal anecdotes and insights into how these issues impact our daily lives and overall well-being.


0:51 Welcome to the podcast!

2:12 Today’s Panel

3:02 UBLOCKOUT Sleep Shades

4:26 Sleep Mastermind begins!

6:18 Nat’s Jet Lag Troubles

8:08 Renee’s Travel vs Home Sleep

10:12 Lauren’s Sleep while doing theater

14:08 Kristin’s Van Life Sleep

16:58 NSDR (Non-Sleep-Deep-Rest)

20:40 Lauren: PEMF & Meal Timing

22:21 Nat: GLP-1 Agonists & Meal Timing

23:44 Renee’s favorite deep sleep hacks

27:15 Sex & Sleep Quality

28:51 Optimal temperature for sleeping

30:47 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

32:56 Lighting hacks for sleep

38:12 Sound hacks for sleep 

42:30 Sleep Crowns & other pillows

45:54 Biohacking Minimalism

48:14 Personal sleep challenges

50:43 Our stance on melatonin

58:13 Data Wearables for sleep

1:02:10 Nighttime 2am & 3am Wakeups

1:04:01 Benefits vs Dangers of Caffeine

1:09:19 Alcohol & Glucose on the CGM

1:13:16 Our “desert island” sleep hacks

1:20:52 Where to find all of us

1:22:45 Thanks for tuning in!



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