Co-Creating Healthy Relationships with The Relationship Renegades: Seeking to Understand for Better Emotional Health with Emilio & Rachele

Season 10 | Episode 237
1h 24m | Mar 18, 2024

Relationship Renegades - your guide to unlocking the ultimate bio-hack for a healthy, happy & fulfilling life. Emilio & Rachele, the visionary duo behind Relationship Renegades, are on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive relationships and how it relates to Healthspan & Longevity. Through a multitude of painful experiences that required complete surrender, coupled with extensive research and scientific exploration, Emilio & Rachele have unearthed the keys to attracting, nurturing, and sustaining healthy and happy relationships – a secret that has long been overlooked in the realms of Biohacking & Wellness.

Bringing a combined 25+ years of experience as Filmmakers, Speakers, Certified Human Potential & HeartMath Coaches, not to mention their shared journey as self-development enthusiasts since 6th grade, Emilio & Rachele employ this unique blend to unveil the transformative power of healthy, happy relationships through coaching, speaking engagements, and the creation of conscious media designed to elevate the collective consciousness.


0:53 Welcome to the show!

4:08 About Rachele & Emilio

5:35 Welcome them to the podcast!

7:09 How do relationships affect our health?

13:05 How do we find the right balance between work & social time?

17:56 Renee’s experience with saying YES

19:25 Reprogramming old narratives

21:23 “Don’t fight the river, be the river”

23:35 Discomfort & Receiving Love

26:33 Daily practices to improve our relationships

30:49 Trust has to be earned

33:38 Gamifying “owning your shit”

37:26 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

38:58 Triggers are gifts

44:51 How to align our different realities

50:20 Therapeutic effects of dance & acting

55:45 Lauren’s pet peeve about not being present

58:26 Renee’s story about being triggered

1:06:03 The 3-3-3 Challenge

1:13:54 Their final piece of advice

1:17:10 What to do when triggered

1:22:32 Free Breakthrough Session

1:23:43 Thanks for tuning in!



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