Mental Wellness & Transforming the Alcohol Alternative Space with Justin Wolf from New Brew

Season 10 | Episode 240
1h 11m | Apr 8, 2024

In this episode, we jump into the world of alcohol alternatives with Justin Wolf, the founder of New Brew. He shared his personal journey away from alcohol and how it inspired him to enter the growing market of functional beverages. New Brew specializes in offering an alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks, catering to individuals seeking healthier choices or those who want to explore different experiences. We explored the diverse landscape of functional beverages and discussed the unique properties of ingredients like kratom and kava, which are gaining popularity. Justin highlighted the benefits of choosing alcohol alternatives, including improved mental clarity and enhanced relaxation. He also addressed misconceptions surrounding kratom and kava, shedding light on their cultural significant and potential health benefits when consumed responsibly.

Justin Wolf started New Brew after being frustrated by all the non-alc and "functional beverage" options that didn't live up to their claims. While traveling in Mexico, he experienced the transformative benefits of Kava Root and Kratom Leaf, and set out with his two brothers to create a ready to drink beverage for California Sober and health conscious individuals like him. Before starting New Brew, Justin spent five years leading Global Partnerships at Google and launched Drip Drop, an electrolyte powder hydration supplement that is now sold at pharmacies across the US. Throughout his career, Justin has been an early investor and advisor in the psychedelic medicine space. Now, along with his two brothers, Justin is on a mission to give consumers better alternatives to alcohol, and educate people about the transformative benefits of plants. 


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:25 New Brew drink

5:18 Justin’s Bio

6:15 Welcome him to the podcast!

7:29 His journey into and away from alcohol

13:14 The choice to quit drinking

18:34 Defining Alcoholism

23:46 Renee’s story about AA

25:24 Social connection under the influence

30:02 Non-Alc / Functional beverage market

35:15 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

37:19 Discovering Kava & Kratom

39:29 Renee’s first experience with Kava

40:16 Stigma around Kava & Kratom

42:39 What is Kratom?

46:16 The Opioid Crisis + Solutions

49:22 Different strains & colors of Kratom

53:52 Lauren’s first experience with Kratom

55:?? The many different uses & benefits for New Brew

1:01:59 Where to find New Brew

1:08:12 His final piece of advice

1:09:59 Thanks for tuning in!

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