• The Benefits of Fasting in a Pill l Mimio's Biomimetic Approach to Greater Longevity with Co-Founder Dr. Chris Rhodes

    In this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of fasting with Dr. Chris Rhodes, the co-founder and CEO of Mimio Health. Dr. Rhodes shares insights into the transformative power of fasting and sheds light on the research behind calorie restriction, offering listeners a glimpse into the potential keys to a healthier and longer live. We also explore the concept of fasting mimicking, the breakdown of mTOR vs AMPK, and the powerful ingredients that make Mimio a unique and effective tool in the pursuit of health optimization.

    Dr. Chris Rhodes is the co-founder and CEO of Mimio Health. He has a PhD in nutrition and has always been fascinated by how we eat affects our health and longevity. Inspired by the power of fasting to enhance lifespan, he spent years researching the human body's response to a 36 hour fast and how it could unlock our built-in longevity bio-programs.

    Mimio is a biomimetic supplement, derived from bioidentical molecules to the most powerful metabolites produced by our own bodies during a prolonged 36-hour fast, clinically shown to support a wide range of health benefits including enhanced energy, mood, memory and cognition, metabolism, balance to dietary inflammation, and healthy aging.


    0:53 Welcome to the show!

    1:44 Dr. Chris Rhodes’ Bio

    2:45 Welcome him to the podcast!

    3:28 About Mimio

    4:03 Dr. Chris’ background

    4:54 Fasting for Longevity & Healthspan

    6:4 Research on Caloric Restriction

    10:16 Why is mimicking fasting helpful?

    11:28 His experience with fasting

    14:44 Longevity & Social Connection

    14:39 mTOR vs AMPK

    17:00 Rapamycin: Mechanism of Action

    18:58 Hormetic Stress & AMP-Kinase

    20:45 Mimio’s Ingredient Sourcing

    23:59 C.Elegans for Life Extension

    25:10 *Filter Optix*

    27:48 The Biomimetic Approach

    28:28 Mimio Key Ingredients

    30:47 Nicotinamide & NAD

    33:45 Dosing structure of Mimio

    36:30 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    38:18 What is Spermidine?

    43:18 OEA (Oleic Acid)

    45:29 Optimal duration for fasting

    47:55 PEA Fatty Acids

    52:18 Biological Age Testing

    54:29 Best practices for Mimio

    57:01 His final piece of advice

    59:55 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: www.MimioHealth.com - Save 20% with code BHBABES20

    IG: @mimiohealth

    IG: @thatnutritiondr

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    1h 0m | Feb 26, 2024
  • Just the Babes: Hospital Stays, Modern Medicine & Root Cause Theories

    In this episode, we share our recent experience with hospital visits, sharing personal stories that highlight the challenges of modern healthcare. Renee's husband underwent an unexpected appendectomy, while Lauren recounts a few wild days in the hospital without receiving clear answers about her current health issues. We explore the shortcomings of the conventional healthcare system, emphasizing the importance of proactive health measures to steer clear of "sick care."


    0:51 Welcome to the show

    1:20 Finding Genius Podcast

    2:25 A Month of Hospital Visits

    3:16 Ryan’s Story

    8:29 Is the Appendix essential?

    11:34 Healing from Appendicitis

    15:22 What causes Appendicitis?

    16:56 Lauren’s Story

    25:48 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    27:35 Lack of Sleep at Hospitals

    35:44 *FilterOptix*

    38:19 Colonoscopy Prep

    41:32 Can AI Support Patient Care?

    43:37 Lauren’s Working Theory

    45:03 What can cause Anemia?

    47:13 Renee’s story about H.Pylori

    48:22 Psychosomatics

    51:39 Lauren’s Mental Health

    52:35 Past Labwork & Regrets

    53:45 Issues with Anemia Diagnosis

    1:00:14 Thanks for tuning in!



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    1h 1m | Feb 19, 2024
  • The Liver Revolution with Nurse Doza - Biohacking Liver & Gut Health

    In this insightful podcast episode, we delve into the intricacies of liver health with the knowledgeable Nurse Doza. The conversation breaks down prevalent misconceptions surrounding liver health, offering a comprehensive understanding of its crucial role in our well-being. He shares valuable insights into diagnosing fatty liver disease, shedding light on the importance of blood testing. We explore the often-overlooked symptoms of liver dysfunction, the role of genetics, and the strong link between gut & liver health.

    Dr. Jonathan Mendoza, better known as “Nurse Doza,” is a highly accomplished and well-respected holistic family nurse practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic. He is a nationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in functional medicine, with a special focus on liver function, metabolic health, inflammation, hormone balance, energy, and personalized supplementation. Nurse Doza is pioneering the Liver Revolution and believes the key to optimal health and longevity lies in the liver.

    As the co-founder of the wildly popular MSW Nutrition supplement line, including Liver Love, Boost, and Bliss, Nurse Doza is passionate about helping people optimize their liver health and overall wellness. He is a renowned expert on losing weight by improving gut health, holistically enhancing fertility, optimizing brain health, and strengthening the thyroid.

    Nurse Doza is the owner of MSW Lounge in Austin, Texas, a hot spot for groundbreaking health and wellness services, including personalized lab work, vitamin-infused IVs and red light therapy, and educational resources to help people improve their health and well-being. He is also the host of the popular podcast “School of Doza,” where he shares his knowledge and expertise on various health-related topics. His content has attracted millions of views and over 100K followers on TikTok. 


    0:54: Welcome to the show!

    2:49 Dr. Jonathan Mendoza’s Bio

    4:07 Biohack Your Beauty Event

    4:44 Welcome Nurse Doza!

    5:35 Biggest Misconception about Liver Health

    7:15 Diagnosing Fatty Liver Disease

    8:45 Liver Function Tests vs Standard Blood Chem

    11:55 Using Diagnostics as Unbiased Data

    13:54 SAD vs Nutrition for Liver Health

    17:11 Addiction & Foods We Love

    19:45 The need for Fats vs Carbs

    22:28 Signs & Symptoms of Liver Issues

    24:22 Should we poop after every meal?

    25:34 Why diet soda is worse than regular

    27:13 MTHFR & Methylation SNPs

    29:14 *Magnesium Breakthrough *

    31:00 Vitamin Co-Factors for Liver Health

    34:31 Phosphatidylcholine

    41:12 Supporting Hormones early

    46:30 Connection between gut & liver

    53:59 His final piece of advice

    54:53 Where to find him

    55:26 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: nursedoza.com

    MSW Nutrition Website

    School of Doza Podcast

    YouTube: Nurse Doza

    IG: @nursedoza

    TikTok: @nursedoza

    LinkedIn: Jonathan Mendoza

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    56m | Feb 12, 2024
  • Reversing Hair Loss, Gray & Thinning Hair with a Root Cause Approach l Anti-Agings Hack for Optimal Hair Health with Faraz Khan and Fully Vital Hair Care

    Are you ready to unlock the secrets to youthful hair? Tune in to this week's episode where we interview Faraz Khan, the founder of Fully Vital and host of the Anti-Aging Hacks podcast. Hair health is a topic that affects all of us and often raises questions about aging, hormonal imbalances, and the elusive quest for maintaining healthy hair. He guides us through the intricate web of factors contributing to hair loss, offering insights into the role of aging and hormonal imbalances. We also delve into the mysteries of graying hair, exploring the science behind it and dispelling common myths. Faraz shares his expertise on selecting the right products and other biohacks we can incorporate to maintain vibrant, youthful hair.

    Faraz Khan is the founder of FullyVital and host of the Anti-Aging Hacks Podcast. A leading expert in the field of hair loss in women, he has dedicated his career to understanding the complex interplay of hormones, diet, and lifestyle on hair health. Faraz’s work focuses on the molecular level of how testosterone and DHT affect hair follicles. His innovative thinking and empathetic approach have made him a sought-after voice in the field, helping countless individuals regain confidence and control over their hair health. His insights into hormonal imbalances, particularly around menopause, have contributed to a broader understanding of hair loss patterns in women. Whether through FullyVital’s products or his engaging podcast, Faraz continues to educate and inspire, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:50 Faraz Khan’s Bio

    5:51 Welcome him to the podcast!

    6:55 Should our hair be aging?

    9:46 Why do we lose hair?

    11:30 Hair Thinning vs Hair Loss

    14:28 Androgenic vs Androgenetic Hair Loss

    15:56 COVID Hair Loss

    17:53 Hormonal Hair Loss

    18:41 Getting to the root causes

    22:33 Our hair doesn’t lie!

    23:40 Root causes for graying hair

    25:30 Neutralizing Oxidative Stress

    27:18 How long to reverse gray hair?

    28:24 When is it too late?

    30:04 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    31:53 Long-term damage with hair dyes

    34:03 Supporting Hair with Spermidine 

    35:11 Fully Vital Hair products

    36:13 Benefits of Hair Brushing

    39:02 Red Light Therapy & Hair

    42:40 How often to wash your hair

    45:57 Are hair products necessary?

    47:49 Personalizing our care

    50:39 Clean Hair Care & Novel Ingredients

    57:56 How to get the best results

    59:13 Copper Peptides

    1:03:23 Lifestyle factors to support hair health

    1:06:16 His final piece of advice

    1:07:22 Where to find him


    Website: FullyVital - discount code: BIOHACKERBABES for 15% off

    Instagram: Fully Vital

    Facebook: Fully Vital

    YouTube: Fully Vital

    IG: @antiaginghacks

    Podcast: Anti-Aging Hacks

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    1h 9m | Feb 5, 2024
  • Root Causes of Hormone Dysfunction with Dr. Tim Jackson l Optimizing Vitamin D, Supporting Vagus Nerve Function, Reducing Environmental Toxins & EMFS, Plus Novel Ingredients: Methylene Blue, CoQ10 and Molecular Hydrogen

    In this episode, we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Tim Jackson about the root causes of hormone dysfunction and a variety of biohacking topics. He provided a comprehensive understanding of various factors that contribute to hormonal imbalances and disrupt our well-being. We also discuss the significance of optimizing vitamin D levels, vagus nerve stimulation, environmental toxins and EMFs, as well as novel ingredients such as methylene blue, CoQ10 and nicotine.

    Dr. Tim Jackson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, and a Functional Medicine provider. He holds a B.S. Degree in Health Science and Chemistry from Wake Forest University. He serves clients in over 15 countries through his telehealth practice at www.healyourbody.org and has helped thousands over the last 8 years. He is the creator of the “The Heal Your Hormones” bootcamp for neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse’s membership community and has contributed to the book “Diagnostic Testing and Functional Medicine” by Ameer Rosic. He has been featured in The Huffington Post, the “Bulletproof Executive” and “Ben Greenfield Fitness” podcasts, on multiple health and medical summits, and in two health documentaries. He has presented to The Silicon Valley Health Institute and The Indian Association of Functional Medicine. Dr. Tim hosts The Boss Body Podcast. He also serves on the medical advisory board for Wellness Mama, a site with several million annual visitors. Dr. Jackson is available to comment on various functional medicine and wellness-related topics such as digestive health, energy and fatigue, autoimmune disorders, and mold toxicity.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    2:52 Dr. Tim Jackson’s Bio

    3:45 Biohack Your Beauty Event

    4:20 Welcome him to the podcast!

    5:23 Biggest root cause of Hormone Dysfunction

    9:02 Addressing LPS & Gut Health

    11:22 Hormone Testing Options

    12:50 Microbiome Health & Weight Loss

    15:45 Simplifying our health efforts

    18:15 Supporting the Vagus Nerve

    22:40 Vagus Nerve Stimulators

    25:49 Root Cause Drivers: Voltage, PEMF & EMFs

    34:26 Decreasing Viral Load

    37:15 Vitamin D Levels & Testing

    39:41 Optimal Body Temperature

    44:50 Boosting the Mitochondria

    46:30 Methylene Blue Benefits & Contraindications

    51:40 CoQ10, NAD & Molecular Hydrogen

    55:17 Nicotine for the Vagus Nerve

    59:50 Acetylcholine Supplementation

    1:01:25 Essential Lifestyle Behaviors

    1:05:52 His finale piece of advice

    1:06:22 Where to find Dr. Tim

    1:06:36 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: healyourbody.org



    Ben Greenfield Interview

    Huffington Post Article

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  • Magnesium Insufficiency: What You Still Don't Know About This Critical Nutrient with Dr. Carolyn Dean

    In this podcast, join us as we delve into the world of magnesium with Dr. Carolyn Dean, a renowned expert in the field. We explore the pervasive issues of magnesium deficiency, understanding why so many individuals fall short on this essential mineral. Dr. Dean provides valuable insights on whether we should be testing magnesiums, breaks down the different types of magnesium, shares her opinion on the calcium debate, and how we can incorporate more magnesium-rich foods into our diet.

    Carolyn Dean MD ND is a medical doctor and a naturopath and best-selling author. She has spent 50+ years committed to applying the science of medicine and the gifts of nature to help people feel better, find more energy, and take control of their personal health. Dr. Dean follows the 2017 revision of 2004’s best-selling book The Magnesium Miracle® with her newest revision Magnesium: The Missing Link to Total Health®.


    0:51 Welcome to the Biohacker Babes!

    5:02 Dr. Carolyn Dean’s bio

    5:48 Biohack Your Beauty Event

    6:24 Welcome her to the show!

    7:18 Why are so many people magnesium deficient?

    13:45 Muscle spasms & magnesium

    15:46 Should we be testing or experimenting?

    18:18 Ionized Magnesium Test

    20:31 Importance of water with minerals

    21:29 Different forms of magnesium

    26:28 The placebo effect of marketing

    28:15 Addressing iodine insufficiency

    32:09 Big Pharma: Ignoring side effects

    34:58 The Calcium debate

    41:10 Magnesium-rich vs processed foods

    43:20 Fruit, Triglycerides & the Liver

    44:35 Yeast Overgrowth

    49:30 Testing magnesium levels

    53:17 Her final piece of advice

    54:29 Where to find her

    54:54 Thanks for tuning in!



    RNA ReSet Minerals - Discount code: BIOHACKERBABES10

    Instagram- @drcarolyndean


    Twitter- @DrCarolynDean


    -The Magnesium Miracle 

    Magnesium- The Missing Link to Total Health

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    55m | Jan 22, 2024
  • Getting Out of Pain & Resetting Your Nervous System with NEUBIE l A Neurobiological Approach to Healing with Garrett Salpeter of NeuFit

    In this episode, we explore the intricate world of addressing pain and the nervous system with Garret Salpeter, an expert in neuromuscular reeducation. The conversation begins with an introduction to the NEUBIE, followed by a detailed look at Garret's bio. As we welcome him to the podcast, the discussion unfolds to examine the relationship between injuries and the body's response.

    A key highlight of the episode is the revelation about the NEUBIE's impact on the nervous system, shedding light on how it contributes to creating safety within the body. Listeners are challenged to reconsider their perceptions of pain, discovering that it's not always what we assume.

    Known as "The Health Engineer," Garrett has taken his training in Engineering and Neuroscience and used it to create NeuFit and the patented NEUBIE device. He trains doctors, therapists, and professional sports teams and universities in how to apply NeuFit with their patients and athletes, helping them recover faster from injury and optimize performance. He is the best-selling author of the book The NeuFit Method and host of The Undercurrent Podcast.


    0:53 Welcome to the show!

    2:27 About the NEUBIE

    4:33 Garret Salpeter’s bio

    5:15 Welcome him to the podcast!

    6:31 What happens to the body when injured?

    9:55 The NEUBIE & your nervous system

    11:22 Creating safety in the body

    13:44 Pain is not always what we think

    15:45 DC Current vs AC Current

    18:54 STUDY on 150 patients

    21:31 Proper neurological signaling

    24:52 How did our ancestors heal?

    26:11 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    28:00 Treating “hot spots”

    34:06 *New Brew*

    36:05 Root Cause Bucket Theory

    36:28 Bio-Social-Psycho Model of Pain

    39:48 Renee’s back injury

    42:51 Rehab vs Training with NeuFit

    48:20 Science of muscle contractions

    51:09 Amy’s success story

    54:52 Multiple Sclerosis & Terry Wahls

    59:42 Where to find Neufit

    1:01:11 His final piece of advice

    1:02:35 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: neufit.com

    IG: @neufitrfp



    Book: The Neufit Method

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    1h 3m | Jan 15, 2024
  • Understanding Mold Exposure & Risks with Jason Earle of Got Mold

    In this episode, we sit down with Jason Earle, the founder and CEO of Got Mold? He shares fascinating information about the world of mold and its impact on our lives. He even sheds light on the role and purpose of mold, as well as the mystery behind that musty smell we're all familiar with. Our conversation extends beyond our homes as he addresses the issue of mold contamination in our food supply and what to watch out for. You will learn how to create a healthy relationship with your home as well as everything you need to know about mold testing.

    Jason Earle is a man on a mission. An adoring father of two boys in diapers, incurable entrepreneur and indoor air quality crusader, he is founder & CEO of GOT MOLD?, and the creator of the GOT MOLD?® Test Kit. The realization that his moldy childhood home was the underlying cause of his extreme allergies and asthma, led him into the healthy home business in 2002, leaving behind a successful career on Wall Street. Over the last two decades, Jason has personally performed countless sick building investigations, solving many medical mysteries along the way, helping thousands of families recover their health and peace of mind. He has featured or appeared on Good Morning America, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Dr. Oz Show, Entrepreneur, Wired, and more.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:35 Jason Earle’s Bio

    4:42 Welcome him to the podcast!

    5:22 What is the role and purpose of mold?

    7:43 Mycotoxins and musty smells

    11:15 The first clue of mold growth

    11:45 Changes to our buildings & homes

    13:48 Did our ancestors have to deal with mold?

    17:58 Exposure to VOCs and MVOCs

    20:58 How does mold affect our detox capacity?

    26:49 The challenge with air quality in cities

    28:14 His personal mold story

    33:05 The importance of relationship with your home

    35:11 *New Brew*

    37:09 Addressing personal toxic load

    39:20 Problematic air purifiers

    43:06 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    44:55 Food supply & Mold Contamination

    52:30 Mycotoxins in Urine Panels

    56:39 Do we all need to test our homes?

    1:00:12 Trusting Your Intuition

    1:02:00 Analogy: The Anatomy of Our Home

    1:04:44 The genius of mold!

    1:07:58 How and When to Test

    1:09:19 GotMold testing

    1:18:39 Comparing to ERMI & Mold Plates

    1:28:40 Presence does not equal exposure

    1:32:27 HIs finale piece of advice

    1:34:38 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: gotmold.com - GET YOUR KIT




    Why to Avoid ERMI


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    1h 35m | Jan 8, 2024
  • Defeat Your Cravings & Heal Your Food Addictions with Dr. Glenn Livingston

    We had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Glenn Livingston, a veteran psychologist with decades of research dedicated to understanding the complexities of binging and overeating. He brings a unique perspective to the table, drawing from his personal journey of breaking free from obesity and developing a healthy, lighthearted relationship with food. We get into the prevalent issue of stress eating and why it has become a common coping mechanism in our society. He also shares insights on how to identify if you have a problem with overeating and offers practical advice on navigating the challenges of curbing unhealthy eating habits.

    Dr. Glenn Livingston is a veteran psychologist and longtime CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm that has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. His work, theories, and research have been published in major publications including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Sun Times. Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight and/or food-obsessed individuals, Dr. Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of binging and overeating via work with his own patients AND a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants. Most importantly, however, was his own personal journey out of obesity and food prison to a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:28 Today’s episode

    2:57 Dr. Glenn Livingston’s Bio

    3:55 Welcome him to the show

    4:59 Why is stress eating so prevalent?

    6:37 How to know if you have a problem

    9:09 How emotions perpetuate the cycle

    14:05 Extinction Curve

    23:48 Not reinforcing the craving

    25:23 *New Brew*

    27:23 Binge Cycle & Feast/Famine Signals

    30:59 *Stress Guardian*

    32:13 Changing our identity around food

    34:19 Your “Inner Food Monster”

    36:33 Psychology of Olympics Winners

    39:08 Productive purpose of Guilt & Shame

    43:50 Moderation vs Abstention

    49:07 Taking 5 Decision-free Minutes

    50:47 Chill Out with 7-11 Breaths 

    52:07 Eliminating the the need for willpower

    56:29 Where to learn more

    58:12 His final piece of advice

    1:02:50 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: defeatyourcravings.com

    Podcast: Defeat Your Cravings

    Instagram: livingstonglenn

    Free Resources: https://www.defeatyourcravings.com/BlogMePlease/download-the-free-reader-bonuses/

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    1h 3m | Jan 2, 2024
  • Navigating 2023's Wellness Waves: A Biohacker's Year in Review Plus What's Coming in Wellness for 2024

    Welcome to another episode of the Biohacker Babes, where we delve into the world of cutting-edge health, wellness, and biohacking. In today's episode, we've got an exciting lineup featuring highlights from the recent Dragonfly conference, a discussion on the biohacks that are making waves in 2023, surprise interview questions for each other, top biohacks for the holidays, a sneak peek into wellness trends anticipated in 2024, and more!


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    2:39 In today’s episode

    3:56 Dragonfly Conference

    10:06 Biohacks we’re testing

    12:51 Biohacks we’ve maintained

    17:03 Getting cold in winter

    20:08 Client Wins

    22:37 *New Brew*

    24:36 Weight Loss Resistance

    26:59 Renee’s updated labs

    30:31 *Stress Guardian*

    31:44 Blood Chemistry & Parasites

    33:11 Lauren’s low Readiness

    39:04 Surprise Interview Questions

    42:08 Biggest contributor to our health this year

    44:19 Top biohack for staying healthy through the holidays

    45:41 Mantra for 2023 vs 2024

    46:50 Recap of our favorite interviews

    52:24 Research Corner: Senescent Cells & Exercise

    54:10 New Year’s Offerings

    58:20 Thanks for tuning in!


    Gaia TV

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    Lauren’s Blood Sugar Cohort - begins January 9th

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    Biohacker Babes’ 14-Day Challenge

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    59m | Dec 18, 2023
  • Mycology Psychology: Getting Out Of Our Own Way With Microdosing l The Role & Benefits of Mushrooms, Neuroplasticity, and Community Integration

    In this episode, we explore the world of mushrooms and their profound impact on both the human mind and the planet. Our conversation with Dr. Victoria Sterkin, a distinguished behavior analyst, and Rome Shadanloo, an experienced psychedelic therapist, starts with their personal journeys, delving into how they were initially drawn to the transformative power of mushrooms. We also discuss the diverse network of Mycology's practitioners, the importance of integration and what it really means, macro vs microdosing, and the potential benefits of microdosing. Tune in for this beautiful conversation to optimize your mind, body and soul.

    Victoria Sterkin, PhD is a behavior analyst focused on therapeutic learning with individuals, couples, families and organizations. Dr. Victoria Sterkin, is a behavior analyst focused on therapeutic learning with individuals, couples, families and organizations. Victoria graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a native New Yorker currently residing in the Santa Cruz mountains in CA with a private practice, consultancy, and is Co-Owner and COO of Mycology Psychology.

    Rome Shadanloo is a psychedelic therapist specializing in CPTSD and attachment injury. She studied holistic psychology and has a focus in psychoneuroimmunology working to ease chronic pain rooted in the emotional life of the mind. Rome's practice includes the various modalities of internal family systems, reparenting work, quantum healing and she is a certified death doula. Rome majored in holistic psychology at Lesley University and went on to do extensive work in the field in a variety of roles at Proposition 36 rehab facilities that specifically serve the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, including on the spot counseling for those in urgent crisis.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:52 Today’s episode

    5:33 Dr. Victoria Sterkin’s Bio

    5:57 Rome Shadanloo’s Bio

    6:30 Welcome them to the podcast!

    7:42 Rome’s call to mushrooms

    10:54 Victoria’s call to mushrooms

    16:33 Getting out of our own way

    17:30 Pattern-making

    18:15 Our brain on mushrooms

    22:15 Research vs Citizen Science

    23:01 Mycology Menopausal Study

    25:22 The role of mushrooms on the planet

    28:02 The diverse ecosystem of Mycology’s Practitioner Network

    30:39 A multi-pronged approach

    32:20 *Stress Guardian*

    33:32 Community Integration

    38:30 We are the sum of the 5 closest people

    39:39 Renee’s story about sensing energy

    41:08 Presence and ignoring impulses

    44:20 Lauren’s aversion to multi-tasking

    46:50 Seeing opportunity when we’re ready

    49:06 Macro vs Microdosing

    52:17 Benefits of challenging journeys

    53:46 Catching red flags 

    56:10 Making new choices

    59:10 Benefits of Microdosing

    1:04:08 When a protocol isn’t working

    1:13:24 What to know about sourcing

    1:15:50 Their final piece of advice

    1:17:05 Thanks for tuning in!





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    1h 17m | Dec 11, 2023
  • Kiran Krishnan: Getting Friendly with the Microbial World l How to Optimize the Gut Microbiome, Manage Stress & Leaky Gut, and Support Mental Health with Psychobiotics

    In this eye-opening episode with Kiran Krishnan, a distinguished research microbiologist and health & wellness expert, we take you on a journey deep into the world of microbes and the pivotal role they play in our overall well-being. Kiran sheds light on the intricate balance required to maintain a resilient ecosystem within our bodies, emphasizing the distinction between opportunistic and direct pathogens. He also shares how we can protect our oral microbiome, the flaws of most probiotic supplements, environmental stressors impacting our gut health, the connection with anxiety, and more. Make sure you grab your pen & paper for this episode!

    Kiran Krishnan is a research microbiologist and a health and wellness expert who aims to make complex information understandable to all. He has founded a number of successful health and supplement companies over the last 15 years including co-founding and leading Microbiome Labs, the preeminent, microbiome therapeutics focused brand among healthcare professionals. He is currently a co-founder and partner in 3 other companies that aim to revolutionize wellness care. He has conducted and published several research studies in scientific journals, has published chapters in scientific textbooks/references books, has global patents and is a sought after speaker on human health and the microbiome.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:50 Kiran Krishnan’s Bio

    4:40 Welcome him to the podcast

    5:44 Understanding Microbes & their Role

    8:26 Harmful vs Benign microbes 

    10:28 Opportunistic vs Direct Pathogens

    13:55 A balanced ecosystem & Resilience

    18:40 What are we doing wrong for our microbiome?

    24:18 Oral microbiome & Nitric Oxide

    27:30 Stress Impact on the Gut

    28:26 * Troscriptions Tro Zzz *

    31:00 Psychobiome & Natural selection

    38:25 * BiOptimizers Stress Guardian *

    39:39 Avoiding brushing your teeth?

    43:13 Flaws with Probiotics

    47:40 Lauren’s Biome

    48:24 Glyphosate & Environmental Stressors

    52:53 Antibiotics & the Gut

    54:14 How to enhance the behaviors of the Gut

    1:00:25 Hugging & Oxytocin

    1:01:52 Cortisol-Leaky Gut Feedback Loop

    1:14:17 Anxiety & IBS connection

    1:17:05 Bifido Longum 17-14

    1:18:02 High & Low-Frequency Brain Waves

    1:23:04 Microbiome Labs ZenBiome

    1:27:14 His final piece of advice

    1:29:19 Thanks for tuning in!



    SkinCare: sivcare.com

    Microbiome Labs - Save 15% with discount code: LSAMBATARO

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    1h 30m | Dec 4, 2023
  • Boomer Anderson: Optimizing Sleep Efficiency & Architecture with Troscriptions Buccal Troche TroZzz

    In this episode, we delve into the journey of Boomer Anderson, the CEO of Smarter Not Harder Inc., as he shares his transition from the fast-paced world of Wall Street to becoming a leading figure in the realm of health optimization. He provides invaluable tips for managing jet lag, drawing on his experiences traveling the globe. He emphasizes the importance of understanding one's individual biochemistry and tailoring approaches to health and wellness accordingly. We also discuss the concept of metabolomics, shedding light on how analyzing metabolic processes can guide personalized health decisions. Then we explore the latest sleep formula from Troscriptions, called Tro Zzz, and breakdown the fascinating ingredients in this unique formula.

    If curiosity killed the cat, Boomer’s 9 lives expired decades ago. Boomer is an entrepreneur, husband, podcast host, health optimization practitioner, investor, and retired BBQ champion. 

    Boomer is the CEO of Smarter Not Harder, Inc. makers of Troscriptions. He is also the CEO of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice, a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on educating doctors and practitioners on how to optimize for health rather than treat disease. In his own Health Optimization Practice, Boomer works with entrepreneurs leveraging large swaths of data and health technology. He also serves as a Strategic Advisor to Welldium and is a TEDx Speaker.

    • CEO, Smarter Not Harder Inc. makers of Troscriptions
    • CEO, Health Optimization Medicine and Practice
    • TEDx Speaker


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    2:40 Today’s Takeaways

    5:58 Boomer Anderson’s Bio

    7:13 Welcome him to the podcast

    8:19 How he crashed and burned on Wall Street

    15:52 Subjective vs Objective Biofeedback

    18:31 His lowest hanging fruit

    20:18 What is Metabolomics?

    27:48 Top Tips for Jet Lag

    32:33 * Private MD Labs *

    34:42 Blue Cannatine

    36:37 Supplement & Tool Graveyard

    38:51 * BiOptimizers MEGA Sale *

    40:52 Minimum Effective Metrics

    44:23 First Night Effect

    46:12 When & how to use supplements

    48:49 Troscriptions Formulations

    53:03 Santa Claus & Amanita Mushrooms

    1:01:18 Honokiol, Adenosine & GABA

    1:04:48 Bioindividual approach to sleep

    1:09:08 Words of caution

    1:12:20 Effects of Alcohol & Sleep

    1:16:20 Buccal troche absorption methods

    1:20:11 His final piece of advice

    1:21:33 Thanks for tuning in!


    Troscriptions: Instagram, TikTok, Website, LinkedIn, X, YouTube

    Discount Code: BIOHACKERBABES

    HOMeHOPe: Instagram, Website, LinkedIn, X, YouTube

    Boomer Anderson: Instagram, LinkedIn 

    Private MD Labs - With Private MD Labs, you can order your labs online without having to visit a doctor or answer any uncomfortable questions. It's super easy, and during Cyber Monday, you can get either a lifetime package for $699 or simply order any of their tests at 27% off.

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    1h 22m | Nov 27, 2023
  • Psychoneuroimmunology, Psychedelics and Quantum Biology for Effective Behavior Change with Torea Rodriguez

    Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we uncover the diverse facets of Torea Rodriguez's life journey, from navigating the skies as a pilot to guiding individuals on a path to holistic well-being. Whether you're seeking insights into psychoneuroimmunology, exploring gratitude practices, or contemplating the role of sunshine and microdosing in mental health, this episode offers a rich tapestry of wisdom to enrich your understanding of self-care and personal growth.

    After completing her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, Toréa has embodied transformation and self-discovery. She’s worked at some of the leading dot-com Silicon Valley companies, has held executive positions and she used to be a professional pilot flying jets for private families & charter companies out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her diagnosis of two debilitating autoimmune diseases brought her back to biochemistry, not only achieving full remission, but also certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner. During that time discovered her love of coaching and the process of transformation.

    Today, Toréa is an expert coach, wilderness retreat leader and former professional pilot. She’s been a Functional Medicine Practitioner for more than a decade and she works with clients all over the world to support and help reverse chronic illness and putting symptoms into remission.

    She also curates exceptional transformational experiences for clients in health, wellness and business. Her methodologies are based in functional medicine & neurolinguistic programming principles yet takes it to a whole new level with her self designed BioNeuro Blueprint™ process so clients can understand and support their entire being by addressing not only the physical, but also the emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. She’s passionate that every client can live their lives to the full, no-holds-barred version of their dreams!! 

    She is the author of the Wellness Optimizing Journal, the curator of the Wellness Curiosity Collective private community and she teaches the unique 12-week Transformation Academy that can be enhanced with functional medicine and/or personalized 1-to-1 work. In addition to being an active practitioner with Mycology Psychology, she also hosts the Wildly Optimized Wellness podcast and curates several in-person retreats across the country each year.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:15 About Torea Rodriguez

    4:18 Welcome her to the podcast!

    6:09 Her evolution as a Practitioner

    6:59 Psycho-Neuroimmunology

    8:51 Study on Gratitude & SigA

    11:13 How the brain monitors the body

    13:09 Chronic Illness & Secondary Gain

    14:52 Using “Pattern Interrupts”

    17:38 Discovering personal needs & self-compassion

    20:26 Lauren’s favorite Pattern-Interrupt

    22:39 Renee’s story about body confidence

    24:12 How posture & movement affect our biochemistry

    25:19 The scientific benefits of sunshine

    26:30 * Coast Recovery Drink *

    29:00 Quantum benefits of light & sun

    31:05 Recommendations for Seasonal Affective Disorder

    35:36 * Troscriptions Tro-ZZZ *

    38:10 Shifting Circadian Rhythm 

    39:33 Optimizing mental health before microdosing

    44:10 * BiOptimizers Black Friday *

    46:07 Common symptoms while microdosing

    50:29 Working with a Mycology Coach + Integration

    54:20 Creating joy through imperfect moments

    56:38 Physiological effects of Quantum Biology

    1:02:40 Her Wilderness Reset Retreat

    1:06:56 Her Bio-Neuro Blueprint

    1:08:58 Her final piece of advice

    1:10:27 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: https://torearodriguez.com/

    IG: http://instagram.com/torearodriguez 

    Wilderness Reset Retreat: https://torearodriguez.com/wrr

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    1h 11m | Nov 20, 2023
  • Just The Babes: Shifting Limiting Beliefs, Upgrading Your Mitochondria, Optimal Protein Consumption, and Upcoming Biohacking Events

    In our latest episode, we delve into a diverse range of topics at the intersection of health, biohacking, and personal development. We kickoff with a rundown of the latest health news, and our thoughts on a biohacking date night idea and the possibility of a "biohacking olympics." We share the biohacks we're currently testing and how we're addressing our personal limiting beliefs that may be impacting our health and overall well-being. Finally, we wrap up with some fascinating scientific research, as well as upcoming events!


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    2:02 In the (health) news

    3:23 New Apple Watch metrics

    4:31 Tracking activity with wearables

    5:40 OURA Activity accuracy

    9:09 Sauna House & Remedy Place

    11:39 Biohacking Industry stats

    13:44 Women driving the Biohacking movement

    14:59 Biohacking Olympics

    16:05 Biohacks We’re Currently Trying

    16:10 Moonbird HRV Tracker

    18:42 HempLucid CBD & Functional Mushrooms

    21:25 No-Gadget Mindset Explorations

    28:23 Limiting Beliefs

    30:56 Microdosing For Shifting Narratives

    33:22 Free Mitochondrial Boost

    35:03 Human Charger

    37:40 Thank you to our SPONSORS

    37:56 * Troscriptions - TroZZZ *

    41:13 * Coast Health - Recovery Drink *

    43:37 * BiOptimizers November Sale *

    45:07 What we’re currently reading

    53:53 NYC Longevity Salon

    59:57 STUDY: Gut Microbes & Alzheimer’s

    1:07:10 Sleep Deficits & Neurodegeneration

    1:08:34 Upcoming Events


    Global Activewear Market

    NEW Apple Watch

    Sauna House, Remedy

    Biohacking Industry Stats

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    Forever Strong - Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

    Limitless - Jim Kwik

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    1h 15m | Nov 13, 2023
  • Alleviating Suffering, Optimizing Health and Being Intentional with HempLucid

    In this insightful episode, we sat down with Chase Hudson, the founder of HempLucid, to dive deep into the world of cannabis and hemp products. Our conversation covered a wide range of topics, from Cannabis 101 to the fascinating intricacies of the endocannabinoid system, full-spectrum vs. broad-spectrum products, the critical importance of sourcing and quality, and even the emerging synergy between cannabis and functional mushrooms.

    Chase Hudson is a founder of Hemplucid. He is dedicated to building a community of people looking for holistic solutions for a healthier lifestyle. He has a vision to help people elevate their health’. His mission to provide transparent and trusted products has led to his company being recognized by organizations such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and more. 

    He lives everyday intuitively and adventurously, and aims to help others do the same. Chase Hudson started his career in the Fire Service. After 8 years in public service he decided to set out as an entrepreneur in 2015. Chase experienced the healing power of CBD and other plant medicines that inspired him to start HempLucid, a USDA Organic certified hemp-derived CBD company. Based in Provo, Utah, HempLucid has grown to become an industry-leading national wellness brand that has inspired thousands to take their health into their own hands. 

    Chase and HempLucid invested in a passion project, the film Lamar Odom Reborn. During filming, Chase was introduced to etamine treatments as a modality for treating mental health, addiction, and other issues. Ketamine was so instrumental to Chase in his own healing journey that he wanted to make it available to the people at his company. With his Leadership team at HempLucid, Chase created a Corporate Mental Health Program that provides quarterly ketamine treatments in a clinical setting for interested HempLucid employees. Anecdotal (non-clinical) surveys indicate that these treatments have increased productivity and employees’ perceived well-being. 


    0:55 Welcome to the show!

    2:40 How we met our guest

    3:13 Chase Hudson’s Bio

    4:50 HempLucid GIVEAWAY

    5:36 Welcome Chase to the podcast!

    7:05 His journey into this work

    9:53 Understanding the Cannabis plant

    11:33 Why do we need these plants?

    12:51 The Endocannabinoid System

    15:48 Why was the hemp plant outlawed?

    18:41 Consumers Guide: Full Spectrum vs Broad vs Isolate

    21:27 THC-Sensitivity & Low-THC options

    23:06 Anxiety with THC products

    32:38 Synergy of full vs broad-spectrum CBD 

    25:25 *Tro-Z Sleep*

    27:59 HempLucid Sourcing & Quality

    32:02 *Coast Health*

    34:32 Toxins & dangers off commercial products

    37:42 Functional Mushrooms + Hemp/CBD

    41:15 Super Critical CO2 Extraction

    41:57 *BiOptimizers Black Friday*

    43:55 Who is CBD for?

    45:45 Supporting inflammation 

    46:18 The dark side of Cannabis

    50:35 Smoking & Vaping

    53:25 Corporate mental health program

    58:30 Ketamine-assisted therapy

    1:01:39 Why integration is the next evolution

    1:05:07 His journaling practice

    1:09:20 Present opportunities as humans

    1:13:30 His final piece of advice

    1:14:56 Where to find HempLucid

    1:16:17 Thanks for tuning in!



    Instagram: HempLucid


    HempLucid University

    Lamar Odom x Hemp Lucid documentary - Reborn

    Troscriptions Tro-Z Sleep - code: BIOHACKERBABES for 10% off

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    1h 17m | Nov 6, 2023
  • Reclaim Your Health with the Power of Functional Nutrition with Andrea Nakayama

    In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Andrea Nakayama, a renowned Functional Medicine Nutritionist and educator. Andrea's journey is not just about healing the body but nourishing the soul, and her personal story is both powerful and inspirational. We discuss what narrative medicine is, thoughts on when to use lab testing, tapping into our intuition, and more, providing valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.

    Andrea is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and educator, who has led thousands of clients, and now teaches even more coaches and clinicians around the world in a revolution reclaiming ownership of both their own and their clients’ health. 

    As the host of the 15-Minute Matrix Podcast and the founder and former CEO of Functional Nutrition Alliance, Andrea draws on systems biology, mental models, root cause methodology and the therapeutic partnership to offer long-awaited solutions for the rapidly growing chronic illness epidemic.

    After losing her young husband to a brain tumor in 2002, she discovered a passion for using food as personalized medicine and is now regularly consulted as the nutrition expert for the toughest clinical cases in the practices of many world-renowned doctors. She trains nearly four thousand practitioners each year in her methodologies so that they too can become the last stop for their clients and patients as well as a trusted referral partner for doctors in their area.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:25 Today’s episode & who it’s for

    2:40 About Andrea Nakayama

    4:48 Welcome her to the podcast

    5:52 Her inspiration & story

    8:37 The biggest gaps in conventional medicine

    11:12 What is Narrative Medicine?

    14:13 Digging into trauma and past experiences

    16:51 Chronic Illness & the call to slow down

    20:26 Her 3-Systems Approach

    22:25 The roots of Chronic Disease

    24:36 *Troscriptions TroCalm*

    27:35 Where to begin with lab testing

    31:19 Microbiome testing

    33:14 *Coast Health*

    35:43 Seeking motivation through data

    38:09 Fighting menopause & aging

    39:28 Moving away from “quick-fix thinking”

    41:50 Our Mom’s intuitive eating approach

    39:58 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    45:28 When intuition isn’t strong

    49:13 Tracking subjective feedback

    52:41 Renee’s GI challenges as a kid

    56:01 Hitting your edge

    1:01:42 Her final piece of advice

    1:02:22 Where to find her

    1:02:52 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: AndreaNakayama.com

    Podcast: 15-Minute Matrix





    Troscriptions TroCalm - code: BIOHACKERBABES

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    1h 3m | Oct 30, 2023
  • Staying Fit After 40 with Dr. Anthony Balduzzi l The Fit Father & Fit Mother Project

    We're excited to bring you this conversation with Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, the visionary behind the Fit Father and Fit Mother projects. In this episode, he shares his personal journey into the world of health & fitness, what inspired him to help families get healthy, his top nutritions tips, thoughts on choosing sleep over exercise, his personal daily routines, and more. If you are over the age of 40 and struggling to stick with a healthy routine, this episode is for you!

    Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, the founder and CEO of the Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project, experienced a pivotal moment in his childhood when he watched his own father work relentlessly, only to succumb to illness and pass away at the young age of 42. Anthony was just 9 years old at the time. This life-changing event inspired him to dedicate his life to helping busy fathers and mothers aged 40 and above lose weight, build muscle, and improve their overall health for the well-being of their families.

    As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Arizona, Dr. Balduzzi also holds dual degrees in Nutrition and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to his academic achievements, he is a former national champion bodybuilder. Through his unwavering commitment and efforts, Dr. Balduzzi has successfully helped over 60,000 families across more than 100 countries through his Fit Father and Fit Mother Programs.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:26 Pop Quiz of the Day

    5:11 Today’s episode

    6:49 Dr. Anthony Balduzzi’s Bio

    7:53 Welcome him to the podcast!

    8:52 His childhood and introduction to fitness

    12:49 Finding Naturopathic medicine

    13:33 Inspiration behind the Fit Father/Mother Project

    16:31 Making programs & change actually stick

    20:40 How to get started

    22:32 How to stay the course after 30 days

    25:58 * Blue Cannatine *

    28:08 Why we don’t need that much exercise

    29:48 Using data quantification for certain individuals

    31:35 Essential exercise equipment

    33:24 Learning by observation

    36:38 * Sleep Breakthrough *

    38:08 Why start at 40?

    41:53 How to stay educated as consumers

    42:43 Sober-curious movement & Addictions

    46:40 Addressing gut & mental health

    49:02 His top nutrition tips

    50:05 Our favorite go-to breakfast options

    52:05 Stages of health journeying

    54:19 Avoiding snackimg

    56:01 Benefits of Fasting

    58:28 Choosing exercise over sleep

    1:02:49 His morning & evening routine

    1:07:43 His final piece of advice

    1:10:00 Where to find him

    1:10:38 Thanks for tuning in








    Troscriptions: Blue Cannatine - code: BIOHACKERBABES

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    1h 11m | Oct 23, 2023
  • Optimizing Women's Health & Fertility with the Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E. Approach with Dr. Kela Smith

    In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the world of women's hormones and fertility with renowned expert, Dr. Kela Smith. Dr. Smith's wealth of knowledge and passion for helping women achieve hormonal harmony and optimal fertility shine through as she shares her insights and expertise. She sheds light on the importance of functional lab testing for identifying imbalances and underlying issues, the top symptoms of hormonal imbalance that women should be aware of, the underestimated role of mindset for fertility optimization, her "Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E." approach with patients, and so much more!

    Dr. Kela Smith is a Holistic-Integrative Fertility and Hormone Doctor. She holds a Ph.D. in Natural and Holistic Medicine as well as Double Board Certification as a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) and Doctor of Humanitarian Medicine (DHM). Dr. Kela is also a Board-Certified Functional Nutritionist (BCFN) and a 5x Board-Certified Health Coach (BCHC). She founded The Hormone Puzzle Society and the Fertility Coach University.

    The Hormone Puzzle Society is a health hub for fertility, hormones, and pregnancy and through this platform Dr. Kela and her team work with women/couples coaching them on how to optimize their body/mind/spirit so they can get and stay pregnant, bring home a healthy baby, have an easy postpartum as well as eliminate symptoms of hormone imbalance.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:55 Dr. Kela Smith’s bio

    4:47 Welcome her to the podcast

    5:48 Her 30,000 ft view

    6:54 What symptoms aren’t normal?

    8:15 Functional tests for further exploration

    10:31 How do we optimize without overwhelming?

    12:23 Mindset Effects

    13:35 The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E.

    16:02 Her nutrition recommendations

    18:26 Dietary Fat myths!

    20:20 The Blue Zones documentary

    21:20 Mixed signals about Plant-based / Carnivore 

    24:55 Post-Partum Depression

    25:37 * Troscriptions TroCalm *

    28:33 Supplements for Fertility

    32:04 Protein powder supplementation

    34:15 Stress & Infertility

    37:48 Shifting negative mindset around sleep

    41:18 * Sleep Breakthrough *

    42:52 Laying out expectations

    45:12 Wine vs your liver

    48:58 Surprises about holistic healing

    54:14 Getting more out of our food

    57:57 Should we be allowed a cheat day?

    59:58 Her final piece of advice

    1:00:56 Where to find her

    1:01:42 Thanks for tuning in!



    Free Cycle Optimization Giveaway: https://hormonepuzzlesociety.com/biohacker-babes/

    The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Podcast



    Troscriptions TroCalm - code: BIOHACKERBABES

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    1h 2m | Oct 16, 2023
  • BB Q&A: NAD Skincare, Killer Sleep, GLP-1 Drugs, Naked Mole Rats Longevity, Wedding Biohacks, and more!

    In this exciting episode, we take you on a journey through the latest and most intriguing biohacks we've been testing. Buckle up as we delve into a wide range of topics, from intranasal red light therapy to a groundbreaking new sleep supplement, peptides for muscle & recovery, and even an anti-aging subscription box. We also explore global statistics on well-being and the benefits of exercising with a community, a fascinating new longevity study on the naked mole rat, what we're currently reading, and personal reflections from Lauren's wedding last weekend!


    0:51 Welcome to the podcast!

    3:41 Biohacks we’re testing

    9:29 Intranasal Red Light Therapy

    12:25 Kill Switch sleep supplement

    14:26 Sermorelin & Ipamorelin Peptides

    18:16: HOP (Human Optimization Project) Box

    20:23 Nof1 App

    22:33 Intuisse NAD Skincare

    25:04 * Blue Cannatine *

    27:15 New stats on worldwide well-being 

    28:58 Overwhelming health information

    31:00 Working out in community

    33:42 * Sleep Breakthrough *

    35:14 Social Commentary: weight-loss drugs

    36:39 About GLP-1 Agonists

    43:03 Research funding for weight-loss meds

    46:39 Need for studies on healthy people

    49:18 Longevity research from naked mole rat

    52:27 Study on Vaping & Immunity

    54:20 What Renee is reading

    55:11 Peter Attia on Fasting

    56:49 Ruby Warrington books

    57:57 Lauren’s Mycology Psychology module

    58:45 Wedding Reflections

    1:06:55 Current & Future Events

    1:09:33 Thanks for tuning in!



    Cerebral Fit

    Kill Switch sleep supplement - Exclusive access with code LAUREN67274

    Peptides Sciences

    HOP Box - Discount code: reneebelz10

    Nof1 App

    Intuisse NAD Skincare

    Troscriptions Blue Cannatine - Discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

    BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough - Discount code: biohackerbabes10


    GLP-1 Drugs:

    Vaping & Immunity Threats


    Outlive - Peter Attia

    Sober Curious - Ruby Warrington

    Women Without Kids


    Dragonfly Conference - code: BIOHACKER100

    Inflammation Summit - Coming soon!

    The Hair Wire Summit

    A4M Conference


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    1h 10m | Oct 9, 2023
Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro