Stephanie Marudas and Emily Previti, Kouvenda Media

Season 1 | Episode 155
41m | Jan 2, 2024

On this episode we’re joined by Stephanie Marudas and Emily Previti of Kouvenda Media.

Kouvenda is a non-profit podcast production company that produces narratives for social change.

Stephanie is the founder and executive producer. Emily is a data journalist and producer. Together they are the co-creators of their latest project, Obscured.

Obscured covers critical issues that are missed because they are complex, overshadowed and unfold out of the public eye. The most recent project in that series is From Words to Weapons, about police trauma survivors.

They talked about the production of this podcast series, the interviews they did and the stories they produced. They also detailed some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into things like finding the appropriate music and getting in touch with their interview subjects. And they explained the company’s goals, which go well beyond their download numbers.

Emily’s Salute: On Being Biracial Podcast

Stephanie’s Salute: The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting

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