167. Itto Outini, Blind Journalist- The Datekeepers

Season 1 | Episode 167
35m | Apr 2, 2024

On this episode, we’re joined by Itto Outini. Itto and her husband Mekiya run the website, The Datekeepers. This online platform operates under the idea that stories move mountains and that we need to see better stories about humanity and people overcoming extraordinary odds to make contributions to the world.

I should note that Itto is blind. She has a degree in applied linguistics from Mohamed V University in Rabat Morocco and a masters in journalism and strategic media from the University of Arkansas. She is writing a book, Blindness is the Light of My Life. Her backstory is remarkable.

Itto talked about her origin story and some of the notable stories she’s written, like one about a blind cricketer and another about how immigrants have to deal with remittances for family and friends. She also shared how some people are more willing to open up to her because of her being blind and how she comes up with story ideas.

Itto’s salute: Nicholas Kristof

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