Rebecca Worby, Editorial Director: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Season 1 | Episode 169
30m | Apr 16, 2024

On this episode, we’re joined by Rebecca Worby. Rebecca is the editorial director for Reasons to Be Cheerful.

Reasons to Be Cheerful is a non-profit website and newsletter founded by the musician and artist David Byrne. And it is what it says it is- reporting on news that should make you feel good. Many of these reasons to be cheerful come in the form of smart, proven, replicable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Their newsletter has 135,000 subscribers and the stories in it literally span the globe.

 Rebecca talked about her journalism path, which includes getting a masters degree in creative non-fiction, and time as an editor of travel guides. She explained what makes a story appropriate for Reasons To Be Cheerful and provided examples of the kinds of stories they like.

 1)Make America Rake Again – A story about trying to wean people off gas-powered leaf blowers

2) One from Vilnius, Lithuania – about “Befriend Vilnius” a program that provides mentorship to Ukranian migrants.

3) How student journalists are stepping up to fill news deserts

4) Unfamiliar fish helping fight food insecurity

And we discussed a piece she wrote for, linking together several crimes – vandalism in national parks, the stealing of Native American artifacts on public lands, and dismantled sculptures.

 Rebecca's salutes: Hellgate and High Country News

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