Daniel Alvarenga, Journalist, Host: Humo, Murder and Silence in El Salvador

Season 1 | Episode 174
27m | May 19, 2024

On this episode, we’re joined by Daniel Alvarenga. Daniel is an independent journalist who recently hosted the podcast, Humo, Murder and Silence in El Salvador. It is the story of a serial killer who was a national police officer and a highest-level government cover-up. It was done in both Spanish and English and produced by Sonoro in conjunction with FACTum.

As a Salvadorian-American, Alvarenga brings a personal connection to the stories he tells. His family's history as refugees from El Salvador's civil war and his upbringing in a home where news was a constant, have shaped his perspective and fueled his passion for journalism.

 He talks about that, his path to AJ+ (Al Jazeera Plus) and Telemundo, writing a story about this for Rolling Stone,and his goal of creating a narrative that that reflects the experiences and struggles of his community.

Notable quotes:

"I just wanted to create archives so that people don't paper over our history and say that, didn't happen."

 "I think we should just question anyone in power. I think that's just what journalists should do."

Daniel’s Salute:

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