Special Episode: College Media Association Convention Recap (9 Interviews!)

Season 1 | Episode 165
52m | Mar 19, 2024

On this special episode, we talk to a diverse group of journalists at the College Media Association Spring Convention in Manhattan. They speak about their journalism origin stories and their most memorable journalism experiences.

In this episode, you’ll hear from CMA president and University of Alabama-Birmingham student media advisor Jackie Alexander (1:10), Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Beatrice Forman (11:27), and 7 college student journalists ranging in age from teenager to 50s: JD Delcastillo (Florida Atlantic, starts at 20:48), Ashley Atkins (Monroe County Community College, 24:34), Audrey Gavagan (Rochester Institute of Technology, 30:02), Jacquelyn Reaves (Ithaca College, 33:44), Paul Czarnecki (University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, 38:36), Megan Martinez (Capital University, 43:01), and Sagel Gurreh (Capital University, 47:00)

Journalism Salutes

Jackie Alexander: All student journalists, Center for Community News

Beatrice Forman: Hell Gate, Katie Way

JD Delcastillo: The Athletic, ESPN West Palm Beach

Ashley Atkins: Matthew Bird-Meyer, advisor, The Agora

Audrey Gavagan: Pro Publica

Jacquelyn Reaves: The Ithacan

Paul Czarnecki: Laura Austin Eurich, ESPN, Annika Schmidt

Megan Martinez: Adrian Suppes, editor-in-chief, Capital University Chimes

Sagel Gurreh: Motas Azaiza, Palestinian photojournalist\

Notable Quotes

“It's made me more curious about things I wouldn't be curious about.”

“In these times, it's so important to be on the right side of history and truth and showing what is happening.”

"That she got tears in her eyes from reading her own story that I wrote made me feel really good.”

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