166. Shi En Kim PHD, Science Writer, Co-Founder of Sequencer

Season 1 | Episode 166
35m | Mar 26, 2024

On this episode, we’re joined by Shi En Kim PHD. Kim (she goes by her last name) is a freelance science writer who was just awarded a Pulitzer Center fellowship to cover a health and science story in Brazil.

Kim has written for many publications including Scientific American and National Geographic. She often covers new research and emerging trends in sciences, tech, the environment, and health and medicine.

 Kim was born in Malaysia. She is a graduate of Cal Tech who got her doctorate in molecular biology from the University of Chicago.

 She talked about her non-traditional path to journalism (“One long overcorrection …”), the process by which she comes up with story ideas and reports on stories, how being a journalist has impacted her life, and a new journalism collective project she’s working on, Sequencer.

 Notable links

- Article on precision cancer drugs and access to them 

- Article on the world’s smelliest flower 

- Article on pesticides and the link to childhood chancer in Brazil

- Sequencer

Kim’s salutes

- The Open Notebook

- Jane C Hu

- Brent Crane

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