Roxanne Scott, Senior Producer Futuro Media Group

33m | Feb 21, 2023

On this episode, we’re joined by Roxanne Scott. Roxanne is a senior producer for Futuro Media Group, an independent non-profit media organization producing multimedia journalism that gives a voice to the diversity of American experience. You may know it best for Latino USA and the person who runs the group, Maria Hinojosa

Roxanne has previously worked as a reporter in Louisville and Atlanta. Prior to being a journalist she was a teacher – in Costa Rica, Mexico, and China.

Roxanne talked about the multi-faceted role she has in investigative pieces that Futuro Media produces, using as an example of an investigative report on problematic U.S. policies for border patrol dealing with migrants in the Arizona desert.

Roxanne also talked about some of her other written and audio work, including a story about “poo and doo” and problematic sewers in Queens, N.Y., how public records were vital to her work tracking COVID cases in an ICE facility in Georgia, and how wind turbines in Louisville were important to farmers in Nigeria.

Roxanne also discussed the value of voice memos and what journalism taught her about being a more proactive person.

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