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The Wait is Finally Over! Programmatic Advertising is Here!

We are thrilled to officially offer programmatic advertising for our incredible community of creators! In partnership with Adswizz, we have developed a fully scalable monetization solution that individually optimizes each listener’s ad experience while putting more money in our creator’s pockets.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is very similar to streaming music ads. Pre-recorded ads will automatically be inserted into your predesignated ad insertion points. The more ad insertion points, the more opportunities for you to earn money.

How does it work?

Programmatic ads can be enabled on all podcasts with 500+ weekly downloads. The programmatic ad marketplace allows brands to bid at scale on a given amount of downloads. This process is almost instantaneous! As listeners download your show, our platform will assess how many available ad blocks there are and allow brands to dynamically insert their ads based on your show’s content and opted in categories. The beauty of it all is that two listeners could download the same episode at the same time and get an entirely different set of ads targeted directly to them.

Get started using programmatic ads

To enable programmatic ads, podcasters should go through the RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP). In RAP, you can opt into Host-Read and programmatic ads by going to the advertising section of your account > “Edit Profile” > “Programmatic Settings”.

The specific aspects of programmatic ads that we’ll need from you are:

  • Your show’s primary category
  • Any advertising categories you wish to exclude from playing on your show (eg if you don’t want political ads running, you can check “Politics” as one of your exclusions)

After you enable programmatic ads, be sure to double-check that your insertion points are at your desired position! The great thing about programmatic is that it’s “set it and forget it” meaning you don’t need to review or accept any of these ads, you just need to make sure your Default Ad Block insertion points are at timestamps in their episodes that sound natural for an ad break, to ensure an ad doesn’t cut you off in the middle of a sentence.

I’m all set up, now what?

Sit back and let the money roll in.  The best part about this feature is it all happens in real-time. No need to approve audio or accept offers, as long as you set any category exclusions, and indicate where in your episodes you’d want ad breaks, we’ll do the rest. If you have any current ads running, no need to worry. We will prioritize all host-read ads first and programmatic second.

We can’t wait to see how you use programmatic ads in your podcast!