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RedCircle Adds Programmatic Advertising to RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP)

RedCircle, one of the largest free podcast hosting platforms, has enabled programmatic advertising for its community of podcasters and advertisers. Programmatic pre-recorded ads will enable creators to earn more consistent revenue from their work and adds another method of monetization to the expanding suite of options.

The RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP) has expanded its suite of advertising products which now includes “Programmatic” advertising in addition to “Host-Read.” RAP is a podcaster’s one-stop shop to monetize their show with advertising, all from inside their RedCircle account, and allows brands and agencies the power to easily purchase ad inventory and run campaigns across an array of podcasts. With thousands of podcasters on the platform, and shows spanning every conceivable topic, Programmatic Advertising is the newest addition to RedCircle’s suite of monetization products that puts more money into creators’ pockets.

This is RedCircle’s fourth monetization feature released in less than two years after launching in April of 2019. Whether it’s donations, subscriptions, programmatic ads, or host-read endorsements, RedCircle gives every podcaster the opportunity to make money in a way that fits their style and strategy. 

About RedCircle:

RedCircle is a platform for podcasts and brands to scale their messages. RedCircle’s monetization features empower creators to create their own audio empires by growing their audience and earning money through advertising, listener donations, and paywall subscriptions. For brands, RedCircle provides scalable access to potential customers through thousands of vetted independent creators and networks.