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The Black Girl Bravado Podcast Case Study

About the podcast: Manning and Lackey curate weekly discussions exploring various topics and issues centered around self-care, self-love, health, wellness, and more for the community among women of color.

Challenges: The hosts, Manning and Lackey, spent a lot of time managing admin work like uploading episodes and inserting ads into the show. It was challenging for them to connect with brands to monetize their inventory.

Impacts: RedCircle sources brands that are in alignment with Black Girl Bravado, such as Thrive Causemetics and Quip, and provides quick monetization turnarounds. Moreover, tremendous amount of the hideous admin work is lifted by an extremely user-friendly interface. Within 12 months, the Black Girl Bravado sees significant growth in different areas:

  • More than 95% revenue increase
  • Number of ad campaigns doubled
  • Podcast downloads increased 50%

“The ability to monetize our show in a way that we weren’t in the past has been such an unexpected blessing. We’ve been able to triple our monthly income via the ad partnerships and the brand partnerships that RedCircle brings to us.”
Germani Manning & Brittany Lackey,
The Black Girl Bravado Podcast

Audio link to the full case study