RedCirle partners with social media influencer Bri Hall to produce new “Count to Ten” podcast

We are excited to announce our partnership with multi-hyphenate artist/influencer Bri Hall on her new podcast “Count to Ten”! Los Angeles-based creator Bri Hall has amassed over 1.1 million followers across social media plus 50 million views and counting on YouTube. Utilizing her dedicated fanbase and established platform, Hall hopes to open an honest dialogue around delicate and indispensable topics such as race/racism, feminism, sexuality,  intersectionality, the model minority, DACA/Dreamers, invisible disabilities, mental health, and more.

‘Count to Ten’ is a statement of defiance against the notion of “staying calm”—something individuals in marginalized groups are told to undermine their experiences when facing complex issues around social and racial injustices, gender or identity inequality, mental health, and more. Taking ownership of the phrase “count to ten,” the podcast is Bri Hall’s way of breaking that silence and creating a safe, educational yet entertaining space where listeners can feel seen and heard. Throughout the podcast, Hall will tap a special guest to provide their unique insight and expertise on select themes.

Bri’s creative genius paired with RedCircle’s editing and production prowess has opened a new avenue for creators. In addition to production, RedCircle’s overall podcast management of “Count to Ten ” allows for a deeper host/creator partnership than typically offered by other hosting companies This partnership allows Bri as much creative freedom as possible while RedCircle does the heavy lifting! RedCircle will oversee production, guest bookings, ad deals, cross-promotions, episode uploading, and distribution. This partnership structure removes the tedious and often daunting tasks that come with managing your own podcast and empowers podcasters to focus on their voice and message. It is an exciting opportunity for RedCircle to gain deeper, more meaningful connections with podcasters while empowering them to make a living doing what they love.

When asked her sentiment on starting her newest podcast endeavor, Bri said “ “I’m excited to share a huge part of myself that supporters don’t always get to see from an Instagram photo or a makeup tutorial. Between filming for videos and creating content, I’m deeply engaged in conversations with colleagues, friends, and family about social justice, personal struggles, and marginalized identity. It feels like such an organic step to use my platform to further delve into these stories on a larger scale. I hope that people will learn more about marginalized identities and themselves through this podcast. Oftentimes, the gap between empathy and apathy is a lack of understanding and a fear of asking the wrong questions. By having a first person, fly-on-the-wall invitation into these conversations, I hope a deep feeling of connection between diverse communities will emerge for my fans and new listeners.”