Podcasting Tips

Should You Use AI for Podcasting?

AI has been making waves across the internet for the past couple of years, most notably OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dall-E tools which have opened new doors into content creation. While some are weary of the introduction of AI, it can be quite a powerful tool in a creator’s arsenal.

AI tools can be used to enhance and optimize a podcaster’s workflow, making it that much easier to focus on the creative side of podcasting. Let AI take care of the more tedious tasks so you have more time to dedicate to your own unique creative process!

Use AI to Help with Your Written Content

The beauty of AI lies in its ability to handle tedious tasks. For some, writing may not be a tedious task, but AI can be an incredible tool for those who struggle with stringing together the right words.

Podcasters can easily take on the written word with the help of AI tools. They can be used to create episode descriptions that excel in SEO or transcribe entire audio files in only a few seconds. Podcasters can use AI tools to write succinct show notes by providing their own rough drafts. AI acts as an editor of sorts; reviewing your work and updating it to your specifications. It can help you save time by taking care of this type of work.

Use AI to Help Generate and Explore Ideas

AI is more than a glorified search engine. It can help you to generate content ideas for your episodes and even conduct in-depth research on topics you’re interested in covering. Instead of sifting through the information yourself, your AI helper can craft outlines for your ideas and even provide the footnotes. Ask it what topics your audience demographics are most interested in learning about, or if it can create an outline for your episode to help get you started. You can even ask it what topics of interest are trending for your specific podcast category.

It’s an excellent tool to utilize when you’re feeling stuck as it can help you to get over that dreadful creative block!

Use AI as a Virtual Assistant

Assisting humans with organization is AI’s bread-and-butter. You can use AI’s impeccable memory and time management to help keep you on track. Have it create to-do lists, editorial calendars, and more to help you spend less time fretting over the details and focusing more on the quality of your content.

AI is a fantastic tool to help with podcasting, but it’s just that – a tool. The key to podcasting is creating a connection between yourself and your listeners. As much as AI can help us unlock our creativity, it’s not a replacement for the humans behind the microphones. Don’t be afraid to leverage AI to help make podcasting easier, just be sure to keep in mind that you are what makes your podcast unique and wonderful!