Minute Media Partners with RedCircle

The leading technology and digital content company chooses RedCircle to host and monetize their lineup of 200+ podcasts

RedCircle is excited to announce that global media company Minute Media has signed an exclusive contract with them to host, distribute, and monetize their slate of podcasts.

Two years ago, Minute Media and its stable of brands including FanSided and 90min, set out to create the most creator-friendly podcast network ever. Since then, they’ve joined forces with premium podcast partners across the sports and entertainment spaces to build a network that puts the creator first. Using the massive scale of the FanSided and 90min audiences, they distribute partners’ content directly to their hyper-engaged fan communities, helping them to grow their audiences.

Now, Minute Media has chosen to work with RedCircle to help their podcasters find more revenue opportunities with premium brand partners.

“The podcasting space is very crowded so it can be difficult to stand out. Without large audiences, most of the monetization options for podcasters are poor or non-existent. That leads to extremely talented creators giving up podcasting altogether and that’s a shame because there is so much terrific content out there, says Patrick Allen, FanSided VP of Content. “Minute Media is thrilled to be partnering with RedCircle because we believe together, we can help creators find their fans while also connecting them with marquee advertisers that know just how valuable working with a hyper-engaged podcast audience is.”

RedCircle has been helping independent podcasters monetize and grow their podcasts since its 2018 inception.

“RedCircle is excited to bring on Minute Media and their robust slate of podcasts,” says Mike Kadin, RedCircle co-founder and CEO. “Their ethos of helping podcasters with niche and dedicated audiences aligns with RedCircle’s own mission, and we’re looking forward to helping their partners make money.”

About Minute Media: Minute Media is a leading technology and digital content company. Their proprietary video   publishing platform, Voltax, powers the creation, distribution, consumption and monetization of third party publishers and advertisers as well as their own sports and culture content brands, including The Players Tribune, FanSided, 90min, DBLTAP, Mental Floss and The Big Lead. As of September 2021, the company is ranked as a top three property within U.S. sports video unique viewership and U.S. sports reach according to Comscore. For more information, visit