A Conversation with UFO Investigator and Folklore Master's Student, Jason Cordova

43m | Feb 21, 2023

The similarity between historical folklore and our modern day stories of Alien encounters and UFO sightings, is undeniable. Fairy abduction is eerily similar to Alien abduction. Many UFO sightings and experiences with high strangeness have a psycho-reactive element. And seemingly valid occurrences of crop circles and cow mutilation seem to only occur on organic farms and fields. Why? How? What - is going on, here?!

My guest, today, can shed some light.

Jason Cordova has been formally studying UFOs for almost 2 decades, during which time, he developed numerous protocols for being a paranormal and UFO investigator. He’s previously worked as a field investigator, alongside Alejandro Rojas, with the Mutual UFO Network from 2004-2008, founded the Crypto Science Society during his time as an undergrad at Metropolitan State University while earning his degree in Aerospace Operations and since his time in the Navy, has spent many years working in the field; investigating the UFO phenomenon, the paranormal, the anomalous and all that may fall under these umbrellas.

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