Military & Police Encounters with Bigfoot

Season 6 | Episode 133
59m | May 7, 2024

When your job is to protect and serve, facing the unpredictable can be a regular part of your work. But unless reading the Army Corp of Engineers 1975 Atlas was part of your training, I doubt you ever expected to run into Bigfoot.

On today’s episode, we dive into numerous encounters and sightings by military members and law enforcement officers of a bi-pedal creature that sounds an awful lot like Sasquatch. Despite the skeptical rhetoric that these kinds of stories made by people working in official capacities and for our government, are rare or just don’t exist - The databases and the literature tell a different story.

But the story told across the decades and across the country by marines, army personnel, airmen and police officers tell a rather consistent story. A story many are reticent to reveal for fear of ridicule or worse. But upon doing so, these individuals trained to detect, observe, investigate evidence and perform reconnaissance - speak of a larger than life, faster than anything, hairy ape-like creature moving on two legs. Something they weren’t prepared to witness and never imagined could exist. But ultimately must come to terms with the undeniable fact of what they saw. 

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Rock Apes in Vietnam

Numerous Military Encounters / Army Core of Engineers:

Fort lewis / 1971:

FT.Lewis,Washington May 1984 -

Fort lewis / 1986:

Edwards Airforce Base : 

The Known Unknown: Tales of the Yucca Man: 

Haunting the Mojave: The Yucca Man: 

Airman reports night-time encounter on Bergstrom AFB at trash/dump site / 1981 / Case


Class A Marine sighting at Quantico Base / 94:

Class A Marine sighting at Quantico Base / 57:

Strange Tales from Virginia’s Foothills to the Coast:

Bigfoot Vs. The U.S. Army:

Boiler Bigfoot:

LEO sees prints on hike in WA in 2014: 

Airforce Topographical Map w/ Bigfoot:

Bigfoot gets official recognition by U.S. Army (Army Core of Engineers) in the Army Atlas: 

Washington Star News/Army Core of Engineers Atlas:

The Entire Atlas:


Fort Stewart / 1995- and

Fort Stewart / 1998 -

Sasquatch Chronicles Ep. 775: 

Fort Rucker Army Base: 

Alaska Sighting by Army Personel / 1970’s: 

RCMP Police investigate Sasquatch without even knowing it / RCMP release thermal image, profile of suspect who cut Sea to Sky Gondola cable:

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