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Pick Your Player; Well Known Demons & Their Names
Show Details35min 2s
What is a Demon?
Show Details29min 3s
Season 3 Trailer
Show Details1min 59s
The Conclusion; Mandela Effect Edition
Show Details58min 3s
Conversation with a Believer #2 w/ Lindsay @SayethSeren
Show Details1hr 22min
Flippity Floppity & Skeptical Skoffity
Show Details39min 42s
The Halloween Special: Games You Should NOT Play
Show Details44min 36s
The Final Deep Dive into the Effects!
Show Details33min 29s
What is Causing the Mandela Effect? Some of the More Common Theories.
Show Details32min 8s
Show Details29min 22s
Residue…Sticky, Sticky Residue
Show Details31min 40s
Cornucopias, Fairies and Deodorizers, Oh My!
Show Details22min 55s
The Tinfoil Hat Fifteen #1
Show Details20min 15s
Mandela; The Man, The Myth, The Effect
Show Details23min 16s
Tying It All Together and My Conclusion – Shadow Person Edition
Show Details48min 6s
Experts on the Shadow People!
Show Details37min 58s
Conversation With a Believer #1
Show Details42min 23s
Non-Paranormal Explanations for Shadow People
Show Details29min 44s
Shadow Animals…
Show Details34min
The Hat Man…Yes, He Gets His Own Episode
Show Details39min 4s
First Hand Accounts and What Happens During a Visit with a Shadow Person
Show Details34min 25s
The History and Lore of Shadow People
Show Details34min 8s
An Introduction to Shadow People
Show Details33min 32s