Theories & Explanations for Sasquatch

Season 6 | Episode 137
41m | Jun 11, 2024

On today’s final deep dive of Season Six, we explore various theories that people throughout the years have arrived at to explain the elusive creature that has fascinated and perplexed so many. But can any one theory fully explain Sasquatch? If it is an animal - What’s with the glowing eyes and the mind-speak? And if it’s ethereal in nature - What’s with all of the physical evidence it leaves behind? 

And for GOD’S SAKE - what’s that STINK?!

Whether you believe it to be an undiscovered, flesh and blood creature or you’ve stepped unapologetically into the “woo” - many questions about it’s behaviors, traits and actions will go unanswered. And siding with either camp automatically discounts someone’s experience, leaving an entire selection of encounters on the table.

Tune in as I consider the myriad of Sasquatch Theories out there from Gigantopithecus, Wild Human, Alien pet, Inter-dimensional Being, Ghost in the Forest…and more…And enjoy our final exploration into the Bigfoot mystery before the Season Six conclusion drops.

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