Bigfoot Hoaxes

Season 6 | Episode 135
36m | May 28, 2024

It’s all fun and games - until you’re run over with a car.

Last season, we took a fascinating look at Crop Circles and some of the hoaxers who made them. Today, we do the same for Sasquatch. 

It is no secret many people fake bigfoot evidence and sightings. They do it for the laugh, the thrill, the attention and even the money. These people are numerous. But can they really account for ALL footprint and sighting examples that cannot be explained away by mistaken identity with animals or imagination? This problem is now ongoing. But can we really credit the start of this phenomenon to one lone prankster in 1958?

With thousands of trackways found in extraordinarily remote areas, at distances, depths and strides not within human capacity, it gets harder and harder to imagine a hoaxer being the only possible culprit.

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