Blobsquatch; A Brief Footage Critique

Season 6 | Episode 128
34m | Mar 19, 2024

Blobsquatch refers to a vaguely Bigfoot-shaped mass on film or photo. Indeterminate, non-distinguishable and frustrating for those willing to ponder this furry creature’s existence.

Luckily for us, though, there have been enough examples produced that are far more clear than a distant smudge. Footage with physical features to study, behaviors to understand and mannerisms to take into consideration. And thanks to those with expertise and know-how in the field, over the decades they have compiled various observations seen regularly in what many have thought to be genuine captures - that we may now apply to current captures and those in the future.

I have spent the last week digging through the archive of Bigfoot footage available out there. Today, I share with you one of the best I found and another, believed by many Squatchers to be the real deal, that I am calling “cap”. Near the end of today’s episode, I also include info on some rather surprising Bigfoot footage, also floating around out there that you may wish you didn’t know existed.

DISCLAIMER: Explicit language and content on today’s program

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2012 Brown Footage:

The Bigfoot “Freeman Footage” Interview with Michael Freeman, son of Paul Freeman:

Evaluating Purported Sasquatch Photographic Evidence:

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Yes, Bigfoot Erotica is Absolutely a Thing:

Everything you Never Wanted to Know About Bigfoot Erotica:

Author of Bigfoot erotica wins Virginia Congressional Race:

Bigfoot porn searches spike after Republican candidate is accused of enjoying Bigfoot erotica:

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